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Domestic and national projects in the field of military radar and border security, 2. Introduced at the International Military Radar and Border Security Summit

2 is the only specialized activity in the field of military radar and border security. International Military Radar and Border Security Summit local and national projects were showcased. The projects that will enable the Turkish defense industry to become indigenous and to reduce its dependence on foreign countries are also preparing for export.

Turkey's first multi-caliber sniper rifle was produced

ATA Arms, Turkey's first multi-caliber sniper rifle was introduced in the mrbs'. ATA Arms, one of the six companies producing this product in the world, has a rifle produced for professional snipers and has a shooting distance of more than two thousand meters. The rifle, which has a two-stage trigger weight adjustment feature, can be individually adjusted to the butt adjustment, thus providing the user with the most comfortable shooting. The caliber of the rifle can be changed in less than a minute under field conditions.

Instant communication is now possible in earthquake and military exercises

Optima Technic exhibited its Mobile Communication and Command Control Vehicle for the first time at MRBS for the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations (SESU). Earthquakes, natural disasters and military exercises, such as in the field to provide fast status information produced in this product produced for the command and communication telephones and radios, radar antennas, cameras, and similar equipment. Thanks to the product, instant status information can be shared with the relevant authorities.

Kalashnikov domestic ammunition

For the first time, Turaç produced ammunition that can be used in kalashnikov and sniper rifles. The ammunition developed as a result of the R & D activities is ready for the use of the army and the gendarmerie.

Secure information transfer with native crypto devices

The Kindi Ethernet Crypto Devices exhibited by Rovenma enable fiber interconnected devices to communicate with each other between two remote locations. The product, which allows the transmission of confidential and important data by mutual encryption, stops the transmission of information to the other party by protecting itself against electrical and software in case of any attack. Which can encrypt data up to 40 Gbps between locations and capable of transmission over the line where the L2 area of ​​Turkey PCB, the first local cryptographic devices that produce embedded software and FPGA design solutions, series production ready state.

Leading Unity Robots

ElectroLand's disposable mini discovery robot, Acrob, is the first product to be localized in this field. Weighing up to three kilograms, the robots play a leading role in operations and can be thrown away without damage to the 6 meter height. Acrob also provides high resolution day and night vision thanks to its tail camera with 360 degree pivot rotation. Explaining that the special force can benefit from these robots for the purpose of exploration and surveillance before performing the operation, the company officials stated that the robots can also do indoor mapping.

Domestic portable power supply and thermal imaging system produced

Visco Electric has integrated a portable uninterruptible military power supply and thermal imaging system. It is designed according to need in field and border operations and offers uninterrupted energy even under heavy climatic conditions; military radios, pagers, tablets, phones, such as provides energy for many devices. The product, which can be charged with solar energy in open areas, can also illuminate in dark areas thanks to its telescopic projector that extends up to 3 meters. By means of thermal cameras connected to its own wi-fi port, 200 meters can detect and analyze movements such as people and animals in the pitch darkness by transmitting the images to authorized personnel with the help of tablets and phones.

Qatar Army preferred after TAF

Raykar introduced a multi-purpose gun and equipment cabinet at MRBS. The cabinets, which are manufactured to store and protect many weapons of different structures and diameters with their optics, also save space with their concealable doors. Raykar, which also exports its innovative products for the Turkish Armed Forces to the Qatar army, continues to negotiate the export of these safety products with Russian companies.

Mine clearing activities digitized

Geodo company digitalized its marking, mapping and reporting activities for the mine clearing process and introduced Smart Marking Mapping and Reporting System for the first time in MRBS. Turkey's first domestic product in this area, TUBITAK-aided digital handheld terminal, centimeter accuracy is the possibility of positioning at, is tagging the land element is mapping the processes that data as an autonomous and doing reporting as needed.

6 minute flight with 40 kg

The drone HK-3, developed by MLG Technology, attracted attention with its 6 kg weight and 40 minute flight time. The useful load of the drone, which is used in defense industry, high armor, thermal vision, night vision, can be used in different fields such as civil mapping energy and agriculture, is changing to the target. The 8 motorized HK-3 is also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Unauthorized drone flight on the fields with Gök-Börü

Designed to illuminate border surveillance, coast guard, search and rescue, prisons and other long-range areas, Gök-Börü's range reaches up to 1,5 km. The product also attracts attention by pacifying drone cameras and preventing them from receiving images.

Terror risks can be avoided by driving at night

MLG Technology's thermal night driving support system IR-1000, 500 meters up to the road platform is visible, 350 meters from the 150 meters of people from the distance allows people to be identified. IR-1000 7,5 can be adapted to all civilian and military vehicles with its dimensions of cm and can work in harmony with the screens of the vehicles.

15 km distant turkey chicken separation can be done even

For the first time, Integras introduced its thermal imagers, 15 km and 19 km, at MRBS. 15 thermal cameras, which can distinguish between turkeys and chickens, offer integrated solutions for border security.

Yildirim savar project is waiting for localization

Asis Defense has attracted attention in MRBS with its lightning repellent project. The project, which acts as an umbrella in the region, makes that region invisible in terms of lightning, and eliminates the negativities caused by lightning in the military field. Company officials said that this lightning repellent, the only NATO-approved product in the world, will soon begin domestic production.

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