The new BMW Series 1 was put up for sale in Turkey

1 new BMW series offered for sale in Turkey
1 new BMW series offered for sale in Turkey

Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor of BMW's sportiest representative of the compact class, the new BMW 1 Series offered for sale in Turkey. The new BMW 1.5 Series, which has 3 liter 1-cylinder diesel and gasoline engine options, can be preferred with two different designs, Sportline and M sport, in addition to the Executive equipment package. The third generation BMW 7 Series, where the 1-speed Steptronic automatic transmission is offered as standard in all engine and equipment options, meets the roads with prices starting from 233 thousand 800 TL. The new BMW 2.4 Series, produced with more than 1 million units to date with its first and second generations, exhibits an unprecedented dynamic driving character in the compact class. The integration of all essential driving dynamics components and control systems in BMW's genes ensures that the New BMW 1 Series offers superior handling in all conditions.

Front-wheel drive driving architecture.

The new BMW 5 Series, the last car that the BMW Group has conveyed its long-standing experience in front-wheel-drive cars with the latest BMW front-wheel drive architecture developed in the last year, offers much more living space than its predecessor, although there are small differences in size. Although the new BMW 1 Series is ten millimeters shorter than its predecessor, the 1 is designed to be millimeters wider and 34 millimeters higher. Knee distance for passengers in the rear seat 13 millimeter head distance 36 millimeter increased. The luggage compartment is now much easier to access, with an increase in volume of 19 liters to 20 liters. For the first time, the electric boot lid is among the optional equipment. If the rear seats of the new BMW 380 Series are folded down, the boot volume increases to 1 liters.

Kidneys merged.

BMW's iconic kidney-style front grille is also uniting for the first time in the new generation in the BMW 1 Series. The front grille, designed to be much larger and perceived as a single piece in the new 1 Series, reflects BMW's new design interpretation. The shark nose of the brand new BMW 1 Series, the rising shoulder line and the thin window line rising in the C column of the traditional Hofmeister fold are noteworthy.

New standards in the interior.

The new BMW 1 Series, which maximizes interior quality to the highest level, also offers the option of an electric panoramic glass roof for the first time. In addition to the panoramic glass roof, which adds a feeling of spaciousness to the spacious interior where high quality materials and innovative details meet, the illuminated interior coatings also increase the premium feel of the New BMW 1 Series. LED lighting creates translucent effects with six different color options, helping to change the atmosphere in the interior. Grouped control knobs for heating and climate functions and various driving functions provide ease of use, while firsts such as functional storage with Wireless Charging option for smartphones provide additional comfort and convenience.

Gasoline and diesel EfficientDynamics engine options.

The new BMW 1 Series has two different engine variants, one with gasoline and one with diesel. The first of these efficient engines, the latest members of the BMW EfficientDynamics family, is the 3d generating 116 hp. Reaching 116 from 0 to 100 in seconds, the car delivers 10.1 Nm of torque and the 270 has a combined fuel consumption of up to liters. The 4.6 liter gasoline engine option produces 1.5 bg power and 5.9 Nm with mixed fuel consumption down to 140 liters and reaches 220 from 0 to 100 in seconds. The 8.5 forward speed dual-clutch Steptronic transmission is standard on all engine variants. Also it can be brought to Turkey on special order BMW's newest gasoline with four-wheel drive system mxnumx xDrive model, 7 hp with engine power and produced by 135 Nm of torque, the new BMW 306 offers a unique driving pleasure to performance enthusiasts Series.

Upper class security systems.

Innovative driving assistance systems The new BMW 1 Series is presented for the first time in the compact class. Depending on the system, camera images and data collected by radar and ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and alert the driver to hazards or to minimize the risk of accidents with proper braking and steering. The standard safety system includes a collision and pedestrian warning system with brake function in the city, alerting the driver to the presence of cyclists. In addition, the Driving Assistant with Active Lane Turns running at 70 to 210 km / h, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Warning, Rear Collision Warning and Cross Traffic Alert are available as standard in the new BMW 1 Series.

The Return Assistant is also standard equipment.

In the new BMW 1 Series, Park Distance Control (PDC), reversing camera and Park Assist, which allows automatic parking and exit from parallel parking spaces, will also be included as standard equipment. Also introduced for the first time in the new BMW 3 Series 'Return Assistant' will be presented as a standard in the new BMW 1 Series. The reversing assistant, which records the steering movements, can then easily remove the vehicle from congested or complex areas without the need for driver intervention on the 50 meter.

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