Yandex's Driverless Cars 1.6 Covered Million Kilometers

Yandex's Unsupervised Cars
Yandex's Unsupervised Cars

Yandex, one of the most important technology companies in the world, is leading the driverless car technology. Yandex, developed the driverless cars 1.6 mileage mileage announced. Yandex has become the biggest driverless car developer in Europe with this important development which will be considered a milestone.

Serving 10 in different countries worldwide, Yandex, a technology giant whose shares are traded on NASDAQ since 2011, continues to develop groundbreaking innovations. Yandex, which has made significant progress in driverless vehicle technologies, announced that the driverless cars it has developed have covered the mileage of 1.6 million autonomous kilometers. With this development, Yandex became the largest driverless car developer in Europe and became one of the first 5 autonomous vehicle companies worldwide with Waymo, Cruise Automation, Baidu and Uber.

Yandex's driverless cars 1.6 covered most of the million-kilometer road in Moscow and Tel Aviv, one of the world's most populous cities, known for its unexpected traffic conditions. Yandex's autonomous vehicles maneuvered between randomly parked cars in the snowy and rainy conditions of Moscow and the intense heat of Tel Aviv.

Last January, Yandex, which has carried out an autonomous ride with journalists in the scope of CES 2019 in Las Vegas, has been leading the autonomous taxi service in Innopolis in the Tatarstan region of Russia since August 2018.

Yandex's driverless cars make 20 thousand autonomous kilometers per day and 500 thousand autonomous kilometers per month. Yandex currently has 50 driverless cars and aims to increase this number to 100 by the end of the year. The goal of expanding the fleet in the coming years is among the company's priority plans. In addition, Yandex continues to work to make autonomous driving faster and more perfect. Yandex aims to reach 1.000.000 kilometers per week in autonomous driving in two years.

Yandex is partnering with Hyundai Mobis as part of its expansion strategy in the driverless car field. Within the scope of this cooperation, the newly introduced driverless car Sonata will be one of the models that will join Yandex's fleet.

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