Volkswagen Factory Postpones Decision on Turkey

Postpones decision in the Volkswagen factory turkiyede
Postpones decision in the Volkswagen factory turkiyede

The German economy newspaper, according to information from the close circles of the German car company, announced the beginning of October the decision to open a factory in Manisa suspended.

Turkey's continued Euphrates to the east of Spring organized by the Peace Operation, Western states that represents the interests of the region, doing their utmost to stop the operation.

Even states that provide weapons to terrorist organizations for years to stop the operation, Turkey announced that it stopped the arms sales.

According to the news that Reuters is based on the German economy newspaper Handelsblatt, the German car company suspended its decision to open a factory in Manisa, which it announced at the beginning of October.

In a statement made on the subject of the front of the Volkswagen said they watched the situation anxiously. However, no clear information was given about the factory's decision to postpone.

On the other hand, Volkswagen's Passat and he chose Turkey for the production of models in the D segment, such as the Superb and said he wanted to back out of this decision. Some important sources said that they do not expect a decision on the relocation of the factory for the time being.

Volkswagen is expected to make a statement soon.

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