Volkswagen Manisa Factory Officially Opened

Volkswagen's investment in the TAYSAD description related to turkey
Volkswagen's investment in the TAYSAD description related to turkey

TAYSAD Chairman Alper Hook, Volkswagen could create a domino effect of investments in Turkey and other companies will be reinvested he said.

Volkswagen, the world's largest automotive manufacturer, has chosen Turkey for investment in the new factory is being talked about for months. The German manufacturer established the company “Volkswagen Turkey Automotive Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company Man in Manisa where the foundations of the factory will be laid.

Association of Automotive Supply Industry in the assessment on the subject (TAYSAD) Chairman Alper Hook, noting that investment is very important for Turkey, "Volkswagen's arrival in Turkey actually constitutes an important indicator in a few areas. Of these, one in the automotive sector in Turkey last year 20 new car factory had not scratch investment. For the first time in a long period of time, a new brand is invested. an investment that we want to come to Turkey since many years is finally coming, "he said.

“Other companies will start to invest”

Alper Hook continued his speech as follows: "The important areas outside the automotive situation in general shows confidence in Turkey's economy. In Turkey, making a large investment in a large organization such as Volkswagen, a one-time purchase is not the year to make an investment ranging, especially in Germany facing Turkey until a little hesitant and distant today, many other firms also leave compelled to turn to Turkey. Small and medium-sized companies had a considerable amount of very companies that want to cooperate with Turkey. They were somewhat distracted by influences from the German media and influenced by German politicians. This will now change with Volkswagen's investment and the new wave and the wind. German companies in particular places called domino effect starting with the automotive side movement towards Turkey will start investing. We see examples of this. There are German companies who want to apply to our Association and get information from TAYSAD. This is important for the Turkish automotive industry. ”

"We have trained human resources in Turkey"

General economic terms in many companies outside the automotive draws your six would consider investing in Turkey TAYSAD Chairman Alper Hook, "Turkey's recent 2-3 perception in annual overseas slowed down a bit the way for investment in our country. Volkswagen fixed investment that a country seeking investors to invest in Turkey, as I think it can all be done by passing a green signal to move, to provide reliable message to the economy in Turkey. In addition, a large company such as Volkswagen Turkey need to look at the reasons for choosing the answer to the question. As some have said, just do not prefer to promote Turkey. Because Turkey at least as much about offering incentives or opportunities, there are other countries close to Turkey. Only from the sale of cheap labor in Bulgaria, Turkey bakıls to be counted. Turkey actually offers them a package. There are many things in this package and Volkswagen cannot find them in this quality in any other country. One of them is human. There has been growing in Turkey and competent manpower. These people have many years of experience in the automotive industry. automotive suppliers that have tried these people in Turkey. They've been doing this for many years. High quality of automotive suppliers in Turkey. They also show that exports every year as the champion of Turkey "as he continued.

“Relationships are improving”

TAYSAD President Alper Hook, "we all collect them in good faith and political power approaches from foreign investors, in addition to their positive approach to Turkey in attracting Show also has a market potential in Turkey. Turkey is a big market. One of the most important markets of Volkswagen. Another benefit of Volkswagen advantage of all these opportunities in Turkey by producing cheaper cars will provide lower-cost advantage over their competitors. Therefore, only the interest is double-sided win-win relationship with Turkey is not a job that interests of Germany and Volkswagen. In this respect, I think it is more sustainable and it shows a continuation of historical friendship for both countries and relations are improving. Turkey and the countries favored again German tourists, coming to the position of German business people in most countries that want to do business, "he said.

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