New Mission to Hödlmayr Carrying Giant Tractors on TIR

Hodlmayra Yeni Gorev
Hodlmayra Yeni Gorev

Hödlmayr Transport and Trade Ltd. Since May 2019, Mercedes-Benz has undertaken the delivery of Mercedes-Benz brand trucks to its customers.

The automotive specialist, whose headquarters is in Ümraniye, Istanbul, is especially appreciated for its door-to-door delivery concept. This concept Hödlmayr the trailers to be transported by ship to Trieste to take delivery of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Aksaray, Turkey and thence to include delivery to European countries. Hödlmayr Transport and Trade Ltd. General Manager of the company Hande Çarıkçı "We, the companies we Hödlmay subsidiary of Turkey as organized transport to Trieste from Aksaray in this process; Our sister company Hödlmayr High & Heavy is delivering from Trieste to its final destination ”.

The added value provided by the attractive principle on the tractor

Since the vehicles are not transported by driving, they are delivered to the buyer with almost zero kilometers, thus providing great added value to the customer.

"Interest of, transporting over many years Hödlmay attractive is Turkey's standard practice. In such a big work, we are much faster thanks to this system. In addition to minimizing the risk of harm and reducing CO2 emissions, Çarıkcı added.

In addition to this holistic concept, of course the equipment used constitutes an additional success factor, which is preferred. Wolfgang Aigner, Managing Director of Hödlmayr High & Heavy, expresses his happiness in this regard, saying, "Our High - & - Heavy - Tractors are one of the rare types of vehicles certified, for example, to be suitable for the transport of new GigaSpace tractors."

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