Mitsubishi Motors to Expand Electric Vehicle Range

mitsubishi motors to expand its range of electric vehicles
mitsubishi motors to expand its range of electric vehicles

MITSUBISHI MOTORS 2019 presents MI-TECH CONCEPT buggy electric SUV concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show

MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC), MI-TECH CONCEPT small-sized electric SUV concept car with MI-TECH CONCEPT and SUPER HEIGHT K-WAGON CONCEPT Kei at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, one of the most important events in Tokyo that brings together the world automotive industry. car showcased.

“We will expand our range of electric vehicles”

MMC CEO Takao Kato and COO Ashwani Gupta introduced MMC's electrification strategy at the press conference, introducing the tools. “We focus on electrification technology, especially plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models,” said Kato in his speech. "We will expand our range of electric vehicles by offering more variations to make MMC a leader in the PHEV category in the future, and by leveraging the alliance's diverse electrification technologies." Gupta added that they plan to use one of MMC's electrification technologies by 2022 in new medium and compact SUVs and Kei in the near future.


MI-TECH CONCEPT was produced as a plug small plug-in hybrid electric SUV that offers unmatched driving pleasure and confidence in all wind and terrain conditions koşul. This concept car; light and compact, the new PHEV powertrain reflects MMC's “Drive Your Ambition slogan brand slogan in a compact electric SUV format packed with four-engine electric 4WD system, advanced driver support and protective safety technologies.

(1) Dynamic Buggy Type Design

MI-TECH CONCEPT, developed with the concept of ir enhancing the driver's adventure,, was designed as a dynamic buggy type vehicle that reflects the essence of being Mitsubishi. The pioneering sensation of an electric vehicle, the light blue body color and the motor coil motif in the grille, are expressed in secondary copper color on the inner wheels and interior design.

MMC's signature Dynamic Shield on the front of the vehicle is adopting a new front design concept. A satin-plated color is used in the middle of the grille and copper is used as a secondary color to emphasize its expression as an electric vehicle. The T-shaped headlamps are integrated into the front end to emphasize a distinctive exterior appearance. The bottom of the bumper has aluminum sump guards on both sides to protect the body, while the interior has an air intake.

Raised fenders and wide tires on the sides reflect the ultimate mobility and power as an SUV, as well as the balance needed to fully grasp the terrain. The stylish design of the body, which has an impressive appearance, resembles a metal nugget shaped in a cutting machine, while the steps on the contoured sides are balanced between design and usefulness. The rear of the vehicle has a large and thick hexagonal design carved from metal ingots to emphasize the durability of the SUV. The T-shaped taillights share the same design used in the front.

Inside the vehicle, the horizontal instrument panel and functional design make it easy to use. The horizontal theme is further emphasized by copper lines integrated into the instrument cluster and steering wheel. The keyboard-shaped keys follow the horizontal theme and are positioned above the center console, while the front handle is the same zamIt also functions as a fulcrum to facilitate the use of the keys. While the functions are presented in a plain and plain, easy-to-understand way, the keys feel safe when pressed. MMC emphasizes a design that gives the driver more peace of mind. The windshield graphically presents all relevant information such as vehicle behavior, terrain recognition and optimum route guidance.

(2) Lightweight and compact PHEV drive train

The new PHEV powertrain replaces the traditional gasoline engine with a lightweight, compact gas turbine engine generator. Today, while environmental awareness is increasing and shrinking in size, this concept is evaluating a technological proposal to integrate the PHEV drivetrain into a small SUV. The gas turbine engine generator offers powerful performance based on its size and weight.

The flexibility to work with various fuels such as diesel, gas oil and alcohol, which can be selected by region, is another benefit of the gas turbine. The cleanliness of the exhaust also responds to environmental and energy issues.

(3) Electric 4WD system

MMC proudly applied the S-AWC Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System to a Quad-Engine Quad-Engine 4WD System with Dual Motor, Active Stall Control (AYC) front and rear. The electrical power of the brake calipers also provides high response, high accuracy in driving control and braking power of the four wheels, significantly improving the turn and grip performance. The ability to deliver optimal driving power to the four wheels makes it possible to deliver power to the two wheels still on the ground and to continue driving, while driving off-road. MMC thus offers the driver a safe and exciting driving experience in any situation, whether in the city or on rough terrain, while reversing the left and right tires, allowing new driving experiences such as 180 grade spins.

(4) Advanced driver support and protective safety technologies

The vehicle is equipped with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that shows a variety of information detected by technologies such as enhanced optical sensors on the windscreen with augmented reality (AR). Drivers can make the right decisions even when visibility is poor thanks to information such as vehicle, road and surrounding traffic shown on the AR-featured windshield. The concept car also features MI-PILOT next-generation driver assistance technology, not only on motorways and on unpaved roads. also offers driver support.


SUPER HEIGHT K-WAGON CONCEPT, another MITSUBISHI MOTORS car introduced in Tokyo, is a new generation of super-high Kei cars that appeal to drivers who want to travel more and drive longer distances. Featuring the large volume open passenger space of a super high Kei wagon, the concept car offers the performance and functionality required in this category of vehicles with a design that gives the unique taste of MMC SUVs. Featuring a powerful SUV design, the vehicle offers best-in-class comfort and a sophisticated interior. The SUPER HEIGHT K-WAGON CONCEPT, with its high-performance engine and CVT combined with advanced driver assistance technologies and safety features, provides agile and stress-free road performance in low and high speed zones. MMC has integrated the package of e-Assist protective safety technology, including single-lane driver support MI-PILOT on highways, collision avoidance braking system for collision damage and improper pedal applications, ensuring that the vehicle complies with the Japanese government's “Support Car S Wide” safety classification. In this way, all passengers can feel safe while the load on the driver is lessened.


The three-seater SUV MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER, another vehicle exhibited at the Tokyo Fair, brings forward its own Dual Engine PHEV drivetrain developed by MMC at Outlander PHEV with the addition of a new generation of electrification technology and four-wheel control. located under the ground. The PHEV drivetrain of the vehicle, using the high-output, high-efficiency Dual Engine system at the front and rear, was made more compact, while the layout was optimized to provide a larger volume for passengers and a three-row package.

The 4WD System in the vehicle is a complete system consisting of a high-output, high-efficiency motor at the front and rear, as well as the power distribution between the two front wheels. zamIt uses AYC to control the instant 4WD as well. The combination of these and MMC's Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle behavior control system significantly improves driving performance. Driving, cornering and stopping performances, control of the braking force applied to each wheel. Brake System - ABS) and front and rear engine output (Active Stability Control - ASC) are integrated and increased.

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