Michelin 'Correct Air Pressure' Activities Started

michelin accurate air pressure events started 2
michelin accurate air pressure events started 2

Traditionally organized by Michelin every year, the Doğru Accurate Air Pressure etkinlik activities continue this year. In the 4 organization in Turkey that took place in the provinces, drivers are told the importance of correct air pressure in tires for safe driving.

Michelin's “Accurate Air Pressure” event, which has been carried out since 2004 to inform drivers about the dangers of low air pressure on tires, continues unabated this year. 15. In the event, Michelin experts who are experts in their fields meet with consumers at 4 contracted BP Station in 15 province and raise awareness about the correct air pressure in the tire.

30 Launched with Istanbul in September and 24 will end in Izmir in October 'Right Air Pressure' activities aim to raise awareness of drivers. During the activities, drivers are told that they can considerably prevent traffic accidents by taking just a few minutes for the correct air pressure in the tire.

Michelin; 30 will meet drivers in September - 8 October in Istanbul, 11 - 13 will be in Bursa in October, 15 will be in Manisa in October, 17 - 24 will be in Izmir in October.

Measuring tire pressure

At the checkpoints to be established within the scope of "Correct Air Pressure" zamAt the moment, the tire air pressure of the drivers is measured and evaluated. Sharing its recommendations after the measurement process, Michelin adjusts the air pressure of the tires of the participants in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturers.

Why is proper air pressure important?

The tire pressure, which is directly proportional to longevity and fuel economy, provides a safe ride for the driver and performance for the vehicle. If the tire pressure is lower or higher than necessary, it can negatively affect the car's handling, tire performance and durability, which can lead to serious accidents. For example; tires with low air pressure reduce handling, while steering is inconsistent. In wet conditions, if the driver brakes in case of emergency, it increases the risk of accidents by extending the braking distance.

Increases fuel consumption, reduces tire life by up to% 30

The right tire pressure provides advantages in terms of fuel savings and tire life, as well as safety in traffic. The lower the air pressure, the higher the rolling resistance of the tire. While the balance of the resulting energy loss by the engine causes more consumption, low air pressure leads to rapid wear of the tires, reducing tire life by up to 30. Michelin warns drivers to check tire pressures regularly and recommends tires should be aired at least once a month and before long trips, based on the recommendations of vehicle manufacturers.

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