Pirelli 'Best Supplier Award' to Kordsa

kordsaya pirellden best supplier award
kordsaya pirellden best supplier award

Kordsa received the İyi Best Supplier ”award as a result of Pirelli's evaluation in terms of global prevalence and service level criteria.

Kordsa was selected as the Tedarik Best Supplier kapsamında within the scope of the evaluation made by Pirelli. Since 2014, Kordsa systematically puts sustainability efforts at the center of its activities and sees the first step of sustainability as ensuring its own sustainability and conducts a comprehensive sustainability assessment for its suppliers. Kordsa, which requires all suppliers and business partners to work in compliance with the Business Ethics Statement prepared on the basis of Kordsa Business Ethics Rules, also evaluates the environmental and social impacts of its suppliers.

Pirelli, a tire giant with a long-standing business relationship with Kordsa, conducts a similar assessment for its suppliers based on the quality of products and services, speed, sustainability, innovative approach, global prevalence and service level criteria. As a result of Pirelli's evaluations, Kordsa was awarded with the İyi Best Supplier inde award in terms of the criteria for selecting and evaluating its suppliers, and its expectations in the fields of labor and human rights, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, ethics and management practices.

Kordsa CEO Ali Çalışkan, who received the award from Andrea Casaluci, General Manager of Pirelli's Operations at the award ceremony held in Pirelli Headquarters in Milan in September, 25, expressed great happiness and pride in the speech they received during the ceremony. “As Kordsa, with the motto 'We Inspire from Life, We Strengthen Life yolda, the motto of every decision and every investment lies behind the goal of producing sustainable technologies. We see the first step of sustainability as ensuring its own sustainability. It is not enough for us to focus on sustainability efforts within ourselves. It is important that our suppliers progress in parallel with our sustainability roadmap. This award is an indication of the correct functioning of our supplier evaluation system. I would like to thank all our employees and the suppliers who are with us on our journey to sustainability. ”

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