Kocaeli, Turkey Ready to Rally Championship

KoCaeLi ready to turkey rally championship
KoCaeLi ready to turkey rally championship

2019 Turkey Rally Championship continues in the excitement of Kocaeli. 6th race of the season and the same zamCurrently Turkey Historic Rally Championship with victory Patriotic Rally Cup, to the point that Ford Otosan 37.Kocael Rally, 8 of northern Cyprus by the Turkish Republic from the 63 with cars and 126 athletes participation in Kocaeli Automobile Sports Club will be organized at the Ford Otosan main sponsor.

Organized by the Governorship of Kocaeli, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 41 Burda Shopping Center, Shell, Avis, Ramada Plaza İzmit, Auto Club, Fora Vehicle Tracking Systems and Power FM, 12 will be held at 11.30 Burda Shopping Center on October Saturday at 41. will begin. The teams will then pass the special stages of Ford Otosan (18.22 km) Transit (16.50 km) and Custom (8.28 km) and will complete the first day of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality audience at the Kocaeli International Exhibition Center car park from 6.63.

13, the second day of the rally, will start at Ramada Plaza Izmit, which hosts the event as the rally center at 10.00 on October Sunday. After the Otosan, Transit and Courier stages are once again on the last day of the rally, the teams will sweat to gain extra points for the general class and classes in the Custom-2 advantage stage. In the final ground rally of the season, which is expected to be the scene of a major challenge in the general classification and classes, teams will travel a total of 2 kilometers, with 100,46 kilometers being the special stage throughout the day.

Ford Otosan 37.Kocaeli Rally will end with a finish ceremony and award ceremony to be held at 15.00 Burda Shopping Center at 41 on Sunday.

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