Karting Wind Will Blow in İzmir

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Turkey Karting Championship 2019, 12-13 Turkey Automobile Sports Federation in October (TOSFED), which will be organized by the Izmir Ulku Park track in 6. He continues with foot races.

Izmir leg, which will bring a new excitement to the championship as a new track, will start with training sessions on 12 October Saturday. On the first day of the organization, 16: 50-17: 25: All groups will have 10-minute sessions. Then 17: 30'dan the first races of the weekend will be run from.

13 On Sunday, October, the races will start at 10.30. The event, where the athletes will compete in the Mini, Formula Junior and Formula Senior categories, will end at 15.30 and will end with an award ceremony where the top-ranked athletes will receive their trophies.


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