IMM Appeals to Haydarpasa Tender on Monday!

15 thousand TL, which is the subject of discussion of the 2-year Hezarfen Consulting Limited Company belonging to the former general manager of the Okçular Foundation, which was opened by TCDD to lease the warehouses of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Stations for 10 years, and which was awarded by the IBB for illegal reasons. It turned out that he increased his capital to 5 million liras 1 days after the tender. İBB will appeal to the tender decision by applying to the Regional Administrative Court on Monday. A criminal complaint will be filed against the people concerned in the Anatolian Courthouse.

spokesmanAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli from; “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is taking action on Monday for the tender of Haydarpaşa Railway Station. IMM will appeal to the Regional Administrative Court on Monday (October 21st) to appeal against the decision to eliminate the tender illegally. A criminal complaint will be filed against the people concerned in the Anatolian Courthouse.

IMM Spokesperson Murat Ongun announced that they will apply to the Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of the tender on Monday at 09.30:11.30. Ongun stated that a criminal complaint will be made against those responsible in the tender at Anadolu Courthouse at XNUMX and called all lawyers for support.


TCDD put out a tender on October 29, 15 to lease about 4 thousand square meters of idle warehouse areas in historical Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations for 2019 years to be used in cultural and artistic events. 4 bids were submitted to the tender, which the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure did not consider the participation of IMM by saying “it will deter”.

Hezarfen Consulting Limited Company, a 33-year-old Hüseyin Avni Önder, formerly of the İBB employee, who was the general manager of the Okçular Foundation until recently, and the subsidiary companies of İBB Kültür A.Ş.-İSBAK-Metro A.Ş-Medya A.Ş. Consortium of is left.

In the tender where TCDD determined the estimated monthly rental value as 30 thousand TL, Hezarfen Consulting with a capital of 10 thousand TL offered 300 thousand TL monthly and the IMM consortium offered 100 thousand TL monthly.

Following the announcement of the proposals, the tender was terminated by announcing that the parties will be called for negotiations within 15 days. While the tender commission is expected to invite the parties to the bargain, it was learned that the tender was held on October 18, that the IMM was not even invited, that they were eliminated in writing. It was announced that Hezarfen Consultancy, who was invited to the tender alone, increased the figure to 350 thousand liras and received the tender.


It was revealed that Hezarfen Consultancy, which was at the center of the discussions, made a remarkable change in the tender process. The company was established with a capital of 3 thousand TL on 2015 August 9 by Hüseyin Avni Önder, who left his job at the IMM Directorate of Public Relations, where he received a gross salary of 2017 thousand TL.

Önder served as the General Manager of the Archers Foundation until the beginning of 2018. It has been learned that the company, which has rented the warehouses of historical stations for 350 years in exchange for 15 thousand liras a month, increased its 10 thousand TL capital to 4 million liras after the tender on October 1. According to the records of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Hezarfen Consulting made a general assembly decision for capital increase on 5 days after the tender, that is, on October 9, 2019, and the decision was approved by the Istanbul 16th Notary Public Office.

The Company's capital increase certificates were registered by Istanbul Trade Registry Office on October 14. 2019 thousand pounds capital, 10 times increased by increasing the 100 million pounds.


The company's capital increase decision was published in the Trade Registry Gazette, which was published on 18 October, when they were invited to the bargain part of the tender alone. According to the announcement in the newspaper, Hüseyin Avni Önder gave up his 770 thousand lira debt to his company, namely his own receivables, and used it in capital increase. He pledged that the rest would be paid within two years.
The announcement in the newspaper reads as follows: “The capital of the company is worth 25,00 million TL, each of which is divided into 40 thousand shares worth 1 Turkish Lira. The distribution of this capital is as follows:

Hüseyin Avni Önder: It has been fully committed, free from collusion, by 25 million Turkish Liras, corresponding to 40 thousand shares worth 1 Turkish Liras. All of the old capital has been paid. This time, 770 thousand TL of the capital, which was increased, was covered by debts to shareholders. Capital was paid on October 9, 2019 dated -2019/110, debts to shareholders were determined with the report dated October 9, 2019-2019/111. The rest of the committed shares will be paid within 24 months. ”


İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu reacted very harshly to the elimination of İBB affiliates from Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci auctions and said, “We will both bring them to court and file a criminal complaint. I will call my right 16 million people chose me for this. What is the motivation for giving a salary from the IMM to 3 thousand pounds until yesterday and giving it to a person who is the manager of the foundation of a family member? Whatever this motivation goes to other places. We will seek our right for him. ” Emphasizing that he was very angry on behalf of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “In this way, people who do not know the way of behavior towards the public property and who do not carry this morality, will pay the state's property to someone today, and tomorrow they will do other things. We will not allow this. ”


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