Hyundai Assan Technicians Again Outstanding Success

hyundai assan technicians again superior success
hyundai assan technicians again superior success

As in all the world, in Turkey, the "After Sales and Sales" Adopting services in customer satisfaction as the first target Hyundai, which is held every two years "Hyundai World Technician Olympics" of South Korea also carried out.

This year, the thirteenth of the contest held in Turkey on behalf of the participating Istanbul Hyundai Focus Automotive 's experienced technicians İbrahim Çelik, demonstrating outstanding achievement Hyundai customers once again proven oldu.topla I 51 country's participation 66 technician is in the reliable hands of tools, South Korea's capital of Seoul from In the competition, İbrahim Çelik won the gold medal as the world leader in electricity.

The winners of the competition were the UK, New Zealand and Russia, and Taiwan, Egypt and Oman, respectively. A total of five categories were administered.

the management of Hyundai Academy, 4 August National Technicians carried out in our country on 2019 Olympiad Turkey first is Abraham Steel, technical training chief of Hyundai Academy Mohammed Believe 's management, nearly after a month-long training program, the Korean International Olympiad in Turkey' s was successfully represented .

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