Innovative Solutions to Air Pollution

innovative solutions to air pollution
innovative solutions to air pollution

MANN + HUMMEL, the world's leading filtration expert, has developed an innovative product that will help solve the problem of air pollution in cities. Called Filter Cube, this product can be placed in dense traffic, bad weather and high populated areas. Filter Cube helps to improve air quality by reducing the amount of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air by 30%.

14,500 m³ air can be cleaned per hour by means of a column obtained by placing three cubic filtering devices on top of each other. The Filter Cube is able to bind more than 80 percent of fine powder and contains additional layers of activated carbon that absorb Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). In other words, filtration technology in each cube not only captures fine dust particles but also decreases NO2 level and benefits human health. In addition, the Filter Cube, which transmits data to the cloud system with its sensors and delivers instant reports to the center, can save the current weather data.

MANN + HUMMEL insists on using its expertise in filtration for city health. The German company aims to mitigate the negative impact of polluted air on the health of the inhabitants of the area with heavy traffic and close to industrial production. With this product, the limit values ​​in air pollution are met and diesel motor vehicles are expected to enter the traffic for a while. However, it is not planned to replace electric vehicles.

The cost of the three-pillar pillars is now being used in China, India, the Far East cities of Shanghai, Delhi and Bangalore, struggling with 21.000 Euro and the air pollution problem produced in Frankfurt. The product, which is not expected to be a solution for air pollution alone, aims to be a complement of environmentally friendly solutions.

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