Lakes Express Expedition Started

Göller Express Started to Expedition: Minister Turhan, at the ceremony of passing the lakes Express to Isparta-İzmir expedition at Isparta Station, bringing the beauties of Isparta to the nation and the world, increasing the brand value of the city, the well-being, happiness and life standards of the people living in the city. said they have implemented the services to upgrade.

Turhan said that the line was launched in 1996 to bid farewell to the Lake Express, and that the line was first put into service in XNUMX and there was neither sufficient infrastructure nor vision to sustain this line.

Because the railway infrastructure for almost half a century to explain that not even a single nail Turhan, said:

“The Lakes Express, which was launched with great hopes from this dire picture, had its share. In 2008, Göller Express had to pause its services in order to start serving with a better quality and comfortable infrastructure and new train sets. We left behind zamwe just did not renew this line in the moment. We started a full rail campaign across the country. After 1950, an average of 18 kilometers of railways were built in our country annually, during our reign, we built an average of 135 kilometers of new railway per year. The lines that are left to decay due to neglect are replaced by modern ones, and the trains that go like oxcart are now replaced by high-speed trains. It is now possible to reach London from Beijing by rail. Yesterday, we signed the memorandum of understanding for the railway that will go from Beijing to London in a meeting we held with the railway administrators of the states especially in Central Asia. Hopefully, on November 6, we will send off the train from China to London with a ceremony to be attended by the railway managers of all countries on this corridor. "

Turhan stated that those who will use the Göller Express will notice the difference and where they will come from where they come from in railway transportation, “Now the Lakes Express will continue to serve with its comfortable and secure infrastructure. This express will be indispensable for the journeys between the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Nobody will worry about not finding bus tickets on their way to İzmir, Denizli, Burdur, Aydın. I hope that this exciting service will be beneficial for the Lakes Express, especially for Isparta and for our citizens of Isparta, in our region. ” he spoke.

“We aimed to introduce Isparta to the train that can arrive at 200 kilometers per hour”

Emphasizing that people have realized great projects to reach the values ​​and beauties of Isparta more comfortably, safely and in a short time, Turhan stated that they have transferred nearly 2,5 billion lira for Isparta's transportation and communication investments.

Pointing out that they made significant investments in railways of Isparta, Turhan said that they aim to introduce the city to the train that reaches 200 kilometers per hour, and they put the 423 kilometers long Eskişehir Kütahya Afyonkarahisar Isparta Burdur Antalya High Speed ​​Train Project on the agenda.

Stating that the project has been approached towards the end of the project and that they continue to provide financing for this project, Turhan stated that when this project is realized, the value of Isparta's historical values, natural beauties and local products will increase and the economic income of the citizens will increase even more.

Stating that Isparta and the nation deserve this and that these are delayed services, Turhan continued as follows:

“A service-statesman, world leader appeared on the scene. He brought these services together with our nation. We continue our work with the vision it shows as its team. Because Isparta is the seal of Anatolia, we are trying to do what suits this seal. It is our most sacred duty to protect, protect, develop and protect this seal. For this seal, we make the way, we lay the rail, and we continue to add gold pages to our history such as Operation Peace Spring. While we are continuing our struggle for independence, we did not give opportunity to those who gazed at our country and those who shrouded our nation. As long as we have the support of our nation and our heart beating with faith, no power can make us kneel in this geography, silence our prayers or lower our flag. When it is appropriate, we cut our hubs ourselves and narrow the field to terrorist advice. When it is appropriate, we know how to get up from the table with diplomatic victory. We will continue to be on the field, zoning the site and cleaning it from terrorist elements, as we have built. Because we are aware that this homeland is the legacy and trust of our ancestors. We will continue to arbitrate our power at the table like our determination in the field. No one should doubt that. ”

Turhan expressed his gratitude to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his team for their leadership in the implementation of many services in the country.

Minister Turhan also added the Isparta-Izmir fee of the Lakes Express. 50 TL National Garden project planned to be built around Isparta Station.

Lakes Express schedule
Lakes Express schedule

Lakes Express Stations

TCDD Lakes Express Train, Torbali, Selcuk, Ortaklar, Aydin, Nazilli, Goncali, Denizli, Dinar, Gumusgun, in total 30 at the stop passengers to download and put.

  1. Izmir (Basmane) Turkey
  2. Adnan Menderes Airport
  3. Torbalı
  4. Tepeköy
  5. Selçuk
  6. Pine grove
  7. Partners
  8. Germencik
  9. İncirliova
  10. AYDIN
  11. Mansion
  12. Sultanhisar
  13. Atca
  14. Nazilli
  15. kuyucak
  16. Horsunlu
  17. Buharkent
  18. Saraykoy
  19. Goncalı
  21. Kaklik
  22. Bozkurt
  23. Pergola
  24. Dazkırı
  25. Dinar
  26. Karakuyu
  27. Keçiborlu
  28. Gümüşgün (Bus) - BURDUR (Bus)
  29. Bozanönü

Map of Lakes Express

Lakes Express Ticket Prices

The price of the trip from İzmir (Basmane) to Isparta with Lakes Express is per person 50 TL.

Lakes Express Expedition Times

Izmir Isparta Lakes Express Timetable

Every day at 22: departs from 30 at Izmir Basmane Train Station

Station Name Stance
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey 22:30
Adnanmenderes Airport 1 22:55
Torbalı 2 23:24
Tepeköy 2 23:30
Selçuk 1 23:58
Pine grove 1 00:12
Partners 2 00:34
Germencik 1 00:45
Enlightened 2 01:07
Mansion 1 01:27
Sultanhisar 1 01:38
Atca 1 01:44
Nazilli 2 01:56
kuyucak 1 02:07
Horsunlu 1 02:19
Buharkent 5 02:35
Saraykoy 1 02:50
Goncalı 1 03:07
Denizlic 15 03:33
Kaklik 1 04:15
Bozkurt 2 04:33
Pergola 1 04:41
Dazkırı 1 04:59
Dinar 2 05:42
Karakuyu 1 05:59
Keçiborlu 1 06:20
the Gümüşgün 2 06:32
Bozanönü 1 06:49

Isparta Izmir Lakes Express Timetable

Isparta Train Station departs every day at 22: 00.

Station Stance
Bozanönü 1 22:13
the Gümüşgün 2 22:31
Keçiborlu 1 22:42
Karakuyu 2 23:05
Dinar 2 23:24
Dazkırı 2 00:06
Pergola 1 00:24
Bozkurt 1 00:31
Kaklik 2 00:49
Denizlic 14 01:42
Mid-stop 1 01:54
Goncalı 1 01:56
Saraykoy 1 02:13
Buharkent 5 02:32
Horsunlu 1 02:44
kuyucak 2 02:56
Nazilli 2 03:08
Atca 2 03:20
Sultanhisar 1 03:26
Mansion 2 03:37
AYDIN 3 03:59
İncirliova 1 04:09
Germencik 1 4:21
Partners 2 04:33
Pine grove 1 04:52
Selçuk 1 05:06
Tepeköy 1 05:32
Torbalı 1 05:36
Adnanmenderes Airport 1 06:08
Gaziemir 06:15
IZMIR (Basmane) 06:33

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