Eskişehir Kütahya Tavşanlı Tunçbilek Electrification Systems Maintenance and Repair Work Tender Result

Maintenance and repair work of Electrification Systems between Eskişehir (Excluded) - Kütahya - Tavsanli -Tuncbilek (inclusive): Tender of the 7th Regional Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) 2019/481510 Eskişehir (Excluding) - Kütahya - Tavsanli -Tuncbilek ( Included), 12 companies submitted bids for the maintenance and repair work between the Electrification Systems (according to the technical specification) for 4 months and Armin Elektrik won the tender with a bid of 1.895.000 TL. After evaluating the bids submitted to the tender, the final result will be announced.

The companies that bid for the tender and their offers are as follows;

  1. Armin Electric 1.895.000 TL
  2. Resa Construction 1.996.500 TL
  3. Ekapark Construction Inc. 2.190.000 TL
  4. FMK Rail 2.950.000 TL

The tender covers maintenance and repair services for 1 year of railway electrification systems between Eskişehir (Excluded) - Kütahya - Tavsanli -Tuncbilek (inclusive). The duration of the work is 12 (twelve) calendar days from the place delivery.

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