Esenboğa Airport Subway 1 Will Cost Billion Dollars

Esenboğa Airport Metro 1 Will Cost Billion Dollars: Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş participated in Alt One on One Private ”program of Fatih Altaylı on Habertürk TV.

Describing the daily activities of 200 in a live broadcast, Mayor Yavaş also announced his projects for Başkent.

President Yavaş stated that 6 has implemented the practices aimed at spreading transparent management approach in the last month after he started his duty.

“We publish our spending publicly… The words of municipality and corruption should not come side by side anymore. I hope we will achieve this… I will not corrupt anyone in this municipality when I see my eyes as strong as I can. We inspect many issues. In previous years, trees were imported to Ankara from 40 thousand liras, and these trees are setting up. We learned that the real price of the trees bought for 7 Euros is 500 Euros.


They make their main emphasis on lawns and irrigation. Look, we're not gonna bring any more trees from now on. We will plant trees and plants suitable for Ankara climate. We want to account for every penny spent. I am a person who currently lives on with the money given by citizens of Ankara. You're the boss, we need to decide what we're gonna do. I've got them out of my own car. What priority do you have? What right do you pass before him? ”


Mayor Yavaş underscored that they are actively fighting against waste and explained the savings figures:

“We have reduced the number of thousand 953 rental cars to one thousand 251. You've saved your 701 car. 30 million pounds per year will provide savings. With this money, you will abad Kalecik, Ayaş, Bala, Haymana and Nallıhan and develop it. In addition, we will publish on our website who has a thousand 200 vehicles. We have saved 100 million pounds on 136 day, we have budget surplus of 226 million pounds. We closed the budget deficit of 405 million pounds. Next year we will make our own budget. ”


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş stated that he gives great importance to whether the municipal services reach the citizen or not.

Saying that they are planning to make a transportation workshop urgently, Mayor Yavaş stressed that they will expand the Akıllı Smart City uygulam applications in the Capital:

“We will do the transportation workshop urgently. We have no transportation plans. We will ask everyone's opinions about what can be alternative transportation. Nobody takes us seriously if we do not have a master plan ... When we make the Airport Metro, it will cost 1 billion dollars ... Imagine that we have received 30 years of credit, we will leave so much debt to our children ...

We would like to meet with NGOs, academics and professional chambers and take joint decisions. We have already made an agreement with 5 University. 54 will do kilometers of cycling path. 400 thousand students will benefit from this ak If we are going to compete with the capitals of the world, we have to go the way the world goes. ”

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