Tailor-Made Pirelli Tires for the Latest Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

tailor-made special design for new ferrari challenge evo pirelli tires
tailor-made special design for new ferrari challenge evo pirelli tires

The new GT car, which will be introduced at Ferrari's only model race in the World Final (Final Mondiali) in Mugello, will be equipped with specially designed Pirelli tires. Thus, another fascinating chapter opens in 27 years of exciting history that combines two iconic Italian companies.

Mugello, 30 October 2019 - Pirelli has introduced a new Pirelli P Zero DHA tire to equip the new Ferrari 2020 Evo car, which will compete in four Ferrari Challenge championships (Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the UK) since the 488 season. Race super cars, hyper cars and historic Formula 1 cars from the well-known XX program were also featured in the exciting launch of the Pirelli tires.


Pirelli introduced the tire of the Ferrari 27 Challenge Evo at the 488th Ferrari Final Mondiali event in Mugello. The tire that meets all the demands of Ferrari, the new racing car will lap faster than the previous model zamit helps make the moment. Since its debut in all regions of the world where these championships were held in 1993, Pirelli has remained the sole supplier in every region where the races have been run worldwide since 1993, when the Ferrari Challenge championship began.

Seven months, seven tracks

Pirelli engineers worked closely with their colleagues at Ferrari for nearly seven months to create this newest tire. The new tire, offered in the sizes 275 / 675-19 DHA (front) and 315 / 705-19 DHA (rear), was developed from a virtual model that can also be used for driving simulators. Confirmed by indoor laboratory tests, the tires were then tested on seven European tracks, including Vallelunga, Mugello, Le Castellet and Silverstone. Helping to assess handling and integrity in different driving and weather conditions, these trials also confirmed the versatile performance of the new 488 Challenge Evo. This car uses a new compound for the tread of the specially developed new P Zero tire. These tires are the same as Pirelli's Formula 1 tires. zamIt is produced on the motorsport line at the Romanian factory where it was produced at the moment.


Pirelli F1 and auto racing chairman Mario Isola said: “The Ferrari Challenge represents an important technical collaboration as it allows our engineers to develop solutions for extreme conditions and then transfer them to our road tires. The latest evolution of our P Zero tires for the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo demonstrates how Pirelli can combine advanced technology with the best in the automotive industry for motor sports. ”

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