29 in Bursa Transportation in October 1 Kuruş

Transportation in Bursa is 29 Kurus on October 1: The decision to have 29 kurush in Bursa on October 1, Republic Day was taken unanimously in the Metropolitan Municipality Council. The ordinary meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in October was held. In the session led by the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, it was decided on October 29 that transportation will be carried out in Bursa for a penny price. Stating that the price of 1 penny will cover the owners of Bursards and will be valid between 1:05 and 00:24 in the morning, President Aktaş stated that the travels cannot be made free of charge due to the relevant law. President Aktaş also informed the council members about the latest status of the T00 tram line during the session.

  • 29 October Republic Day Bursa Metro Fee 1 Kuruş
  • 29 October Republic Day Bursa Tram Fee 1 Kuruş

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, T2 tram line continued the process of liquidation, he added. On the one hand, while completing the shortcomings related to the current structure, on the other hand, they are preparing to participate in the tender, Aktas said: The specification will not be as tender as the existing or even integrated form. Entegre

Mentioning the Millet Garden, which is still under construction, in his speech, Mayor Aktaş said that Millet Garden is 'beyond being a place where people of Bursa can breathe easily' zamHe stated that Bursaspor's achievements will be remembered at the moment. Stating that there will be a parking lot for 4 thousand vehicles and hot water fountains under the National Coffeehouse, which will be located in the garden, Mayor Aktaş said, “I requested from our Minister of Sports to add the Indoor Sports Hall to the Millet Garden. "We are continuing the necessary work with Kestel-Alaçam, including the projects related to the Mustafakemalpaşa-Youth Center."

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