Mayor İmamoğlu: 'Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Train Stations of the People of Istanbul'

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu made examinations at the Animal Vaccination and Treatment Unit in Fatih within the scope of October 4, World Animal Day. Later, İmamoğlu came across the cameras and answered journalists' questions about the agenda. To the question about the tenders opened for Imamoglu, Haydarpasa and Sirkeci stations, “We will do whatever is necessary for the public to be the most valuable point of the public. We will work to make these places serve 16 million people. Whatever the price, it belongs to the people of Istanbul. ”

imamoglu haydarpasa and sirkeci station
imamoglu haydarpasa and sirkeci station


Imamoglu said, “There are two sides left in the tender. One is a company owned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality consortium and the former general manager of the Okcular Foundation. Did you get any information? How do you evaluate ”, he replied:
“I just got technical information. They called me. I said call him as soon as he leaves. '15 postponed the day after we talk about the details' they gave me information, my friends who went there. But from the press, I read your comments on the internet. Of course, every legal entity has the right to participate in this tender. But as I said in the beginning, we were accepted to the tender today. We entered the tender and made every effort to get the tender. Now we have the second stage. We will enter the second stage in the name of 16 million people and we will participate in the bargaining. ”


Imamoğlu underlined that they were determined to be in the stations of both Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations and said, em I don't know what the other friends' determination is for and for what. It's not my job to analyze it, it's the job of the tenderers. It does not interest me; I want to understand what was the motivation of the General Manager of TCDD who made the explanations at the point that IMM could enter this hymn. I couldn't understand the motivation of him threatening us with a slight threat: yanl It's wrong to enter, disrupts competition '. I think the transport minister should question this immediately. Konu


Imamoglu, the other party will appeal the reminder that “We, 16 on behalf of million people will be pursuing on behalf of all legal rights. We are fighting for the two most valuable points of the state and the most valuable of the public. 16 is the establishment of IMM, which belongs to million people. If we receive the tender, it will become the points that will serve the people of Istanbul on behalf of culture and art. The other objectes with his own legal understanding, he does something else, he is not interested in us. I don't know why you're gonna object. I don't know who took the feather. I don't know if he was tipped off by the CEO's own statement. But we will enter the tender on behalf of the people of Istanbul, we will struggle to get to the end, ”he replied. Imamoglu, “Bargaining phase has been started. 30 thousand estimated value 300 thousand output envelopes. How will the bargaining be ”. Imamoglu, this question gelince We will look at the day. But whatever the cost, it will be for the people of Istanbul ”.

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