Defense Industry Free Zone Should Be Established in Ankara

International Military Radar and Border Security Summit - MRBS was opened with the participation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. At the opening of the Summit, it signed a goodwill agreement to 29 domestic producers with whom the Ministry of National Defense signed a strategic cooperation agreement within the scope of localization and nationalization activities.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Defense, Defense Industry Presidency, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Ankara Governorate supported by the support of MUSIAD Ankara 2. International Military Radar and Border Security Summit (MRBS), 2 October 2019'da Hilton Garden Inn Ankara began. The Summit, which will last for two days, is the first and only specialty event focused on military radar and border security in Turkey.

Opening of the Summit; Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. Among the keynote speakers of the Summit were; MUSIAD Chairman Abdurrahman Kaan, MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Basri Acar and MUSIAD Ankara Defense Industry and Aviation Sector Board Chairman Fatih Altunbas also took part.

Strong defense industry needs strong diplomacy

MUSIAD President Abdurrahman Kaan emphasized that the defense industry is one of the most important trumps of the diplomatic field.

Emphasizing that the defense industry feeds many sectors in terms of outputs, both in terms of technology and intermediate goods and production information, Kaan said that for this reason, the defense industry is not just an upper sector branch. zamHe also drew attention to the fact that he had a production and design knowledge at the time.

Ankara Defense Industry Free Zone will increase the potential of the sector

MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Basri Acar stated that the Summit was organized with the active participation of 54 domestic and national defense industry companies, which played an important role in the development and growth of the Turkish defense industry.

Acar continued: uz We demand the establishment of Defense Industry Free Zone in Ankara. It will pave the way for our companies engaged in production in the defense industry to make export-oriented investments and production and to make more use of foreign trade opportunities. The clustering of the defense industry in Ankara will also make a significant contribution to increasing our production and employment, especially in terms of software and hardware. ”

IDEF should be done in Ankara

Acar emphasized that Ankara is the center of the defense industry and said that it is important to organize events such as fairs, congresses and summits in the defense industry in Ankara. he called for the IDEF, the most comprehensive activity of the defense industry, to be held in Ankara again.

Acar, SMEs should be opened for the defense industry should be paved the way to be pointed out, the products produced by the sector primarily by the use of our country by the law enforcement forces and the state of the export process is of critical importance, he added.

Over 1000 visitors expected

MUSIAD Ankara Defense Industry and Aviation Sector Board President Fatih Altunbas stated that it has become a prominent player in the international arena with the domestic projects and products developed by the Turkish defense industry. year 50 thousand 29 announced the participation of 671 company in the foyer area of ​​square meters and aimed to host more than one thousand visitors for two days.

Altunbaş stated that the experiences and experiences of the users and manufacturers will be transferred with the sessions developed for two days and special presentations and projects developed in the field of military radar and border security. Altunbaş mentioned about the sessions to be held at the summit and stated that the latest developments such as Border Security Systems, Land Surveillance Systems and Radar Technologies will be shared.

Goodwill agreements for domestic and national production

The General Directorate of Military Factories and the General Directorate of Shipyards affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense declared their good intentions to sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement (SIA) with 29 domestic company in order to reduce the dependence on the defense industry and promote the production of domestic and national products.

Local companies took the statements of goodwill signed by the General Directorate of Military Factories and General Directorate of Military Shipyards within the scope of Strategic Cooperation Agreement from National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar at the opening of MRBS.

Cooperated companies; Alkan Teknoloji, Asnet Bilgi Sistemleri, Aspilsan, Bemis Teknik, Bilkon Bilgisayar, Deico Mühendislik, EA Teknoloji Biomedical Devices, İMTEK, Inores - Innovative Technology, KRL Chemistry, MS Spectral Defense Opsin Elektro, Sinter Metal, Teknokar Defense, Yektamot Elektrik, YTY Metal , Askın Compressor, Atempo Project, Duratek, Dyo Boya, Hakan Otomasyon, Koç Bilgi, Kube Pump, MASB Motor Vehicles, Nero Industry Defense, Sağlamlar Heavy Industry, Navigation Defense, TÜBİTAK and Tümosan Engine and Tractor.

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