Green Office from Yusen İnci Logistics to İzmir

batmani two-part railway line adversely affects vehicle traffic
batmani two-part railway line adversely affects vehicle traffic

Yusen Inci Logistics, a subsidiary of Inci Holding, which has been providing services at the national and international level in the fields of “Logistics Services”, “Supply Chain Solutions” and “Supply Chain Consultancy Services X since 1998, has added another green office in Izmir to its growing organization.

In general, the Far East, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and America in international sea, land and air transportation and storage services that Pearl Yusen Logistics, Izmir Bayraklıinaugurated its new green office in Istanbul. Yusen İnci Lojistik's participation in the opening of Yusen İnci Lojistik Board of Directors and İnci Holding Bayraklı 60 people in the office. The new office designed by using the latest technologies attracts attention with its social spaces and colorful meeting halls.

Exceeds targets before last quarter at 2019

Hakan Meriç, General Manager of Yusen İnci Logistics, said, adan We have exceeded the targets we have set for this year before the final quarter of 2019 has been completed yet. We aim to close 2019 with strong growth figures. We are working on major investment plans in Turkey and Japan, we continue to grow confidently with Yusen Logistics logistics giant's strength, "he said.

In addition to national and international maritime, road and air transport and storage services, Yusen İnci Logistics provides management and engineering consultancy services for the improvement of procurement processes, the design and implementation of new supply chain processes.

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