Domestic and National Cars DMA 5,2 Liras Charge 450 Km Goes

domestic and national car dma 52 liralic charge goes to 450 km
domestic and national car dma 52 liralic charge goes to 450 km

It is very different from Derindere Motor Vehicles. Software, engine 100 percent made in Turkey, a completely local and national car. Its torque and horsepower are very high.

The goal of the DMA company, which makes the car ready for mass production, is to get the 1200 mileage range with an 6 minute charge.

When you charge the electric car in three-phase charging stations in 45 minutes, you can go to 5,2 lira with a range of 450 kilometers without interruption. It charges between 7-8 hours with household electricity. Its range is 550 kilometers. In short, when you get into these cars, you will have the opportunity to go from Istanbul to Izmir or from Istanbul to Ankara without stopping by a charging station.

Derindere develops its electric car day by day, regardless of what is said without tiring or tiredness. The range of the first electric vehicle it produced in 2007, when it first started, was only 70 kilometers and it could be recharged in 20 hours. But now with a 45 minute charge, 5.2 km to 450 TL. You can go.

We congratulate the Derindere management and all those who contributed to the establishment of Özkan Derindere and Önder Yol in 2007 and wish them continued success.

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