Domestic and National Electric TRAGGER T-Car Attracted Intense Interest at Teknofest


Turkey's 100% electric vehicle TRAGGERT New Generation Service-Car for the first time, Turkey's largest aerospace, aviation and technology festival in Teknofest hit the road.

Turkey's national technology to perform moves and turning into a society based on the technology that produces Teknofest Istanbul 2019, 17-22 September 2019 between history is held in Ataturk Airport. The event also includes the TRAGGER New Generation Service Vehicles, a product of Turkish design and engineering. Domestic and national percent 100 electric TRAGGER vehicles, which have a mission in parallel with the national technology move targets of our country, serve as ”Event Space Transportation Sponsor ında within the scope of Teknofest Istanbul 2019.

T-Car, the new member of the Transfer Series of the TRAGGER product family, which has outstanding features in terms of design, performance, economy, user experience and environmentalism, was introduced to the public for the first time. At Teknofest, T-Car is highly appreciated and attracted by both citizens and sector representatives; tourist facilities, hotels, resorts, campuses, city hospitals, airports, factories, closed areas and harbors personnel and freight transport feature.

With the 2, 4, 6 personality versions, T-Car is the new generation of T-Car segment with its different functions such as general purpose human transport, parking, gardens, service vehicles in tourist facilities, ambulance service, security, passenger transportation, transportation with disabled vehicles in tools with users.

TRAGGER platform vehicle of Teknofest Robotaxi Competition

Since autonomous vehicles will replace drivers with drivers in the future, TRAGGER serves as the onom autonomous ready ”vehicle platform for the Teknofest Robotaxi Competition, which is held to accelerate the efforts for the development and diffusion of this technology. Competitors are required to integrate their own autonomous driving systems and software on the TRAGGER platform, which is made available for autonomous use with special equipment such as driving, braking and steering functions for the competition. In the final, a single-person vehicle is expected to perform various tasks autonomously in a real runway environment with the help of autonomous driving algorithms.

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