Bumper Bumper Fighting at Tuzla Karting Park


Turkey Karting Championship 5. Foot races were organized by Tuzla Motorsports Club on 21-22 September 2019 in Tuzla Karting Park.

5 is the scene of exciting races from each other. Emir Tanju in Ayak Mini category, Yiğit Arslan in Formula Junior and Zekai Özen in Formula Senior managed to finish the day as the first.

In the mini category, there was a big rift between Emir Tanju and Hakkı Dorum. Emir Tanju won the first 2 race and Hakkı Dorum won the third race. Emir Tanju finished the day with the first place and Hakkı Dorum took the second place and İskender Zülfikari took the third place. In the last race between Özen and Dorum, the bumper bickering took its place among the unforgettable bilateral struggles for a long time.

A similar controversy took place between Yiğit Arslan and Ömer Asaf Kolot in Formula Junior. Arslan won the first race and Kolot won the second race. Yiğit Arslan, who finished the first race in front of Ömer Asaf Kolot, who will determine the winner of the day, became the winner of the day. Ömer Asaf Kolot took second place and Kerim Sulyak took third.

In Formula Senior, there was a triple fight. Category leader Ehad Türker could not complete the race as a result of the accident involving the first bend of the first race. Zekai Özen finished first and Kerem Kahraman finished second. In the second race, this time the first checkered flag was Kerem Kahraman. Ehad Türker took the second place and Zekai Özen took the third place. The final race of the weekend was the race to determine the ranking in the Senior category and Ehad Türker was the winner. Zekai Ozen got second place and Kerem Kahraman got to the end of day scoring and 5. As the first of the foot, he climbed to the top of the podium. Kerem Kahraman took second place and Ehad Türker took third place.

Turkey Karting Championship 2019, 12-13 6 which will be held in Izmir in October. will continue with foot races.

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