Toyota's Hybrid Cars Pass 14 Million

Toyota's Hybrid Cars Pass 14 Million
Toyota's Hybrid Cars Pass 14 Million

Toyota has exceeded 1997 million units in hybrid vehicle sales since 14, the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. In the first 2019 month of Toyota's 7 hybrid sales in the European market were also 328 thousand 23 units. The share of hybrids in Toyota's European sales was around 50. Toyota's hybrid car sales in Europe rose to 2 million 494 thousand 263 units.

Toyota, which sees its hybrid technology as a solution in the near and medium term, does not charge itself and requires no external charge. With this technology, it continues to highlight the importance it attaches to the environment and human health as well as high driving comfort and low fuel consumption.

In Turkey in the first 2019 8 6 105 thousand realized hybrid car sales, 5 962 thousand pieces of these sales was Toyota build cars. Thus; In the first half year from each 100 98 hybrid vehicles sold in Turkey occurred in Toyota models. Hybrid Toyota Corolla produced in Turkey, in the first months of 8 xnumx'lik percent share in the total hybrid sales and sales reaching 70 4 thousand units has managed to become the most preferred models. Corolla Hybrid Toyota 267-volume still produced in Turkey was followed by the C-H Hybrid.

16 Toyota hybrid model offered for sale in Europe, each passenger has served in Turkey, a hybrid version of the Toyota models. These include; Corolla Hybrid, Yaris Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, Camry Hybrid and Toyota C-HR Hybrid.

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