Samsun Sivas Railway Line What ZamWill be opened at the moment?

Samsun Sivas Railway Line What ZamWill it be opened ?: What is the Samsun Sivas Railway line, which was closed today 4 years ago due to the renovation work? zamthe moment turned to the snake story it will unfold. Finally, it was learned that the work continues on the line, which is stated to be put into service in August.

Samsun-Sivas-Kalın railway line, which was closed to transportation within the scope of modernization works on September 29, 2015 and will be put into service after three years, has not been opened despite the past 4 years. On the 88-year-old Samsun-Sivas Kalın railway line, which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk laid the foundation and inaugurated, the modernization work initiated 4 years ago with the support of the European Union (EU) is still continuing. What is the line planned to be activated at the end of August? zamIt is still not clear that it will open at the moment.


4 prepared a modernization project for Samsun-Kalın Railway line with the support of EU grant funds. With the project, the infrastructure of the railway platform platform width 6.70 meters as well as ground improvement in the route of the 38 bridge was demolished and renewed. The 40 historic bridge was restored and the rail, sleeper, ballast, and scissors superstructure of the line, which underwent improvement works in the 2 thousand 476 meter tunnel, was changed.


Passenger platforms of the stations and stations have been renewed to provide transportation for the disabled. Signaling and telecommunication facilities were established in line with EU standards. The 121 level crossing was renewed and the gate was integrated into the signaling system with automatic barrier.


265 million eurosof the project costing 148.6 million eurosThe part of it was covered by EU grant funds. What is the project's test and commissioning process that is ongoing and planned to be put into operation again at the end of zamNo official statement has yet been made that it will serve immediately. With the Samsun-Sivas Kalın line, which is one of the two railway lines of the Black Sea to Anatolia, cargo will be transported from the ports in the region as well as the passengers. (Samsuncanlıhab is)

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