City Without Cars and Open Streets Day Held in Izmir

Activities organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Mobility Week continued today. The "City-free City Day" and "Open Streets Day" events, which were celebrated for the first time on September 22 in Europe for the first time this year, were also held in İzmir.

Some of Cumhuriyet Boulevard was closed to traffic due to “City Day Without Car” and “Open Streets Day” events in İzmir today (22 September). Within the framework of the activities, sports games area, bicycle exhibition area, children's workshops area, pedestrian and bicycle platform, smothie bike, garden games area and workshops were opened to the area where Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard intersect. On the stage set up in the area, zumba, rhythm shows and dance activities for children were held, while various activities were organized for people with disabilities.

Most kids had fun

Children enjoyed the activities within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's "Open Streets Day". Young participant Kerem Nurhan said, “There is a lot for us here, we play table football and ride bicycles. We are having so much fun. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for this nice event ”. Elisabeth Garnero, who came to the event area with her little child, said, “It was a really good event especially for children. We attended a similar event last year. I attach great importance to these kinds of activities for my child. "It is necessary to leave a message to the society and it is a very entertaining activity for children." Stating that he wishes for a city without a car, participant Latife Erokay said, “I wish such days could be experienced more. Traffic should be relieved and people should be encouraged to use public transport. SHE IS zamThe roads will be different at the moment. Today, it has been a very good event, especially the children are having a lot of fun ”.

Achievements such as reminding how streets are used without motor vehicles, encouraging public transportation, pedestrian transportation and bicycle use, ownership of streets, control of air and sound pollution, measurement and comparison of measurements are expected to be achieved on City Day without Cars.

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