Offroad Challenge Will Continue in Karabük

offroad fight will continue in the buck
offroad fight will continue in the buck

Turkey Offroad Championship 2019 3. 28-29 will be held in Karabük in September with the contributions of the Governorship of Karabük and the organization of the Karabük Offroad Club (KARDOFF).

29: 58: 28: 12 will be the scene of the struggle of 30 vehicles and 15.8 athletes in the designated track behind Karabuk University. Teams will end the first day after the 3 kilometer-long strength stage has passed XNUMX times.

29 On Sunday in September, teams will compete with natural obstacles and opponents in the 8.40 kilometer-long dual take-off spectator stage. Teams that will pass 98 kilometers and 7 special stages in two days will finish the event with the award ceremony at 18: 30 on Sunday evening.

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