MXGP Of Turkey In The World Press

mxgp of turkey at the beginning of the world
mxgp of turkey at the beginning of the world

The World Motocross Championship, which was held for the second time in Afyonkarahisar under the auspices of the Presidency, was also widely featured in the world media. noting that I did return to form with Jeffrey Herlings successful performance, "Turkey's mxgp's, excellent weather conditions and in front of large crowds, it gave an excellent opportunity to return ktm'l Jeffrey Herlings. Herlings on the best course of FIM Motocros World Championship, 85. GP won the win. ”

mxnews Online site, while informing his readers that Turkey's great racing scene, "Herlings, flew to the podium in Turkey," he said.

Italy Motocross news site also sharing the details of the race in Turkey, Afyonkarahisar videos also introduced.

Xinhua, China's official news agency, made a large number of photos from the race, providing gallery with a wide range of news to its readers. Xinhua, the last race would be held in their own country while reminding that "Turkey has organized a flawless organization. Turkey will need to offer comfort in the Chinese organizers "gave in to comment.

Total Motorcycle website, although hot weather in Afyonkarahisar stated that the irrigation team made an intensive study for the suitability of the track conditions, "Turkey has to offer excellence Herlings path to victory," he said.

SpeedWeek website, Afyonkarahisar motocross races continue to be exciting in terms of recording, women's races also stressed that the breath.

Italian newspaper La Gazetta Dello Sport, MXGP of Turkey's place among its readers that while transferring the scene of a struggle that cuts evoke excitement and breath, "Turkey has hosted tens of thousands in the stands than last year. The pilots competed fierce for the full stands ”.

MotocrossPlanet describes the runway in Afyonkarahisar as an inviting and speedy track,

Marca newspaper, "Turkey in the Turkish hospitality exhibited MXGP organization. Many viewers watched the racers ”. Afyon in Afyonkarahisar new mxgp'n the recent flurry in 2019, began in the second Grand Prix of Turkey at large and impressive track. Warm and sunny conditions welcomed the eighteenth-seventh round this year and just a week before the campaign closed on its Asian tour. The hard-pack track is inviting and fast, but the same zamThe walls on the bends at the moment and allowed a good line selection.


The World Motocross Championship, held for the second time in Afyonkarahisar under the auspices of the Presidency, was broadcasted live both in Turkey and in the world. SPORTS HD SMART throughout the whole race two days in Turkey live publishing, shared with the audience the thrill of racing TEVE2 and CNN Turk.

Turkey: Sport Smart HD tevexnumx, CNN Turk

USA-Canada: Cbs Sports Network

Europe: Eurosport2

Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania): TV Play Sports +

Belgium: Play Sports 1

Bulgaria: BNT

France: Eurosport2, Automoto La Chaine

Italy: Rai Sport + HD, Rai Sport Web

Netherlands: NOS

Portugal: Sport TV5

Slovenia: Sport TV1


Fox Sports Sea: Fox Sports Sea: Hong Kong - Macau - Thailand, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Fox Sport Indonesia Sea: Cambodia, Indonesia, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam), Fox Sports Malaysia, Fox Sports Singapore

China: Star Sports

Brazil: Bandsports


USA - Canada: Motortrend // MAV TV

Europe: Motor Sports TV - Motortrend

Croatia: Kreator TV

Finland: MTV

France: Automoto la Chaine

Italy: Automototv

Portugal: Sport TV

Netherlands: RTL

Slovenia: Sport TV

Spain: Movistar

Latin America: FOX Sports

Brazil: Bandsports

Caribbean: Flow Sports

Asia: FOX Sports

Africa: SportConnect

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