Lewis Hamilton Prepares for Sochi for the Rematch of Defeat in Singapore

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Last year's Formula 1 world champion Monster Energy driver Lewis Hamilton held a motivation meeting with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team ahead of the Russian Grand Prix this week. Silver Arrows teammate Monster Energy driver Valtteri Bottas's 65 points ahead of the championship championship, Hamilton, who won five championships, lost the last three races against the rivals Ferrari team.

Lewis said that he gladly accepted the battle of the Italian Ferrari team, that all they have to do now is to perform better and have a good fight in Sochi. Lewis said he did not lose his perseverance after finishing fourth at the Singapore Grand Prix. This mood signaled that he would continue the contention they had with Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in a pleasant manner.

Lewis said: “People don't know how long we work in the background. This business got tighter as the season progressed and we are happy with it. But the same zamwe have to do a better job now. We were doing very well at the beginning of the year and we had a great break with our rivals on the way to the championship. But this break can easily be closed. We haven't won yet and we have to get ourselves together. We are not feeling very good right now. This is also a good thing because we should all be feeling the same pain now. With this pain, we must enter the next race and try to show a better performance. "

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor Sports Team won all five of the Russian Grand Prix held in Sochi since the start of the modern F1 era in 2015. Valtteri Bottas, who won this race in 2017, said he was looking forward to the rematch in Sochi, especially after finishing fifth in Singapore.

“I feel I have an unfinished job in Sochi. It was a good track for me and I'm sure it will be again. A challenging track full of straight roads for Ferrari. I will go to Sochi with good psychology. We know that Ferrari is progressing better than us. All we can do is go faster and create a better race. ”

The race in Sochi 29 will take place on Sunday in September.

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