Konya Metro Project's First Stage Tender Will Be Held This Month

Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, met with representatives of the press organizations in Konya and evaluated the agenda. Mayor Altay stated that the tender for the first stage of the Konya Metro Project will be held this month.

1 An Investment Over Billion Euros

Noting that President Erdoğan gave a concrete date for the first time about the Metro project where Konya has been talking for a long time and the city has an important expectation, President Altay said, “Metro tender will be held in September. The entire Konya Metro will be built underground and there will be an 35 minute travel time from the beginning to the end. 1 will have made an investment of over EUR billion.

Konya will thus be among the cities with subway. This is very important for Konya. One of the most important data showing the development of the city and the increase of its standard is the length of the city's metro and rail system. Konya, however, has achieved a very important gain. Especially in the period when a strict economic policy is implemented, heralding such an investment together with its history is an indication of the value that Mr. President attaches to Konya ”.

Mayor Altay stated that the purchase of metro vehicles belonged to Konya Metropolitan Municipality before, but the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure procured the vehicles under the new protocol and said, “The first stage was over 1 billion Liras. This obligation was completely transferred to the ministry with our latest protocol. This is very important for Konya. I would like to thank the Konya bureaucrats who contributed, the Vice President, the Ministers and the President of the Republic. ”

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  1. Konya Metro Map station locations and names are not certain and will be changed during the tender and construction stages!

  2. tram route has been missing from the top of the Alaaddin there is a tram line to the courthouse to be added

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