Ford's Delightfully Supported 'Karakomik Films' Meets Audience

funnily funded by ford comics to meet the audience 2
funnily funded by ford comics to meet the audience 2

18, Sanat Karakomik Films alı by Fikir Sanat and NuLook, which was prepared with the contributions of Ford, will be released in October. Online commercials prepared for Ford Focus in collaboration with Cem Yılmaz before the film have already been released. In the series to be published in order of introduction, development and result; Cem Yılmaz, known for his passion for cars, meets the exclusive world of Ford Focus and heralds the vision history of the dual “Karakomik Films ikili.

18 will be screened in October with the contributions of Ford and the first two of the imza Karakomik Films iki, both of which were written and directed by Cem Yılmaz. While the vision preparations of Karakomik are underway, 3 short advertisement film prepared to announce the history of vision has been shown on social networks.

9 Launched in September, the first film of the series “GORA”, “AROG” and “Arif V 216 ana main character Arif Cem Yilmaz to send the new Ford Focus and Cem Yilmaz's new technological vehicle that speaks about himself Describes the curiosity aroused. The increase in the acquaintance of Cem Yılmaz and Ford Focus and the continuation of the introductory films in which the duo's “Karakomik Films” adventure will be transferred will meet the audience at 11 September and 13 September respectively.

The saatlik Karakomik Films ”series, which consists of four short films on average, including Ford's product integrations, will be screened with a“ two-in-one ”motto and two films.

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