Good News for those who love to watch construction from Ford Trucks!

ford truckstan
ford truckstan

Ford Trucks, the heavy commercial vehicle brand of Ford Otosan, says, Devam Stay tuned! Asıyla with its new campaign that adds a new dimension to the construction monitoring phenomenon.

Ford Trucks has launched a new campaign that explores the insight it emerges as a result of digital research and social listening. Acting under the motto Devam Keep Watching Us! Ağır, the heavy commercial vehicle brand prepared a film with the imaginary company HafriTur for audiences who could not help themselves from watching construction.

Ilhan Dolubel, the fictional CEO of HafriTur, who thinks that people love to watch construction works and thinks that something should be done about this issue, starts to gather the necessary information from the employees who are known as construction hunters and to share the information with the loved ones. İlhan Dolubel said that the tour he organized was like a festival.

Turkey's Ford Trucks, hafritur video that tells the story was shared in both the private brand campaign created hafritur social media pages. Ford Trucks from Turkey who wanted to watch a whole new adventure winded can click here. You can reach HafriTur's Facebook page starting from the idea of ​​turning construction monitoring into a festival.

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