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digital roadmate
digital roadmate

Today, driver assistance and infotainment systems provide more and more information. As a result, you need solutions that are intuitive, easy and, above all, a secure interaction between the driver and the car. To meet this demand, the technology company Continental has developed a digital assistant with adaptive voice for vehicles.

Continental focuses on the most natural way of communicating with his digital assistant, the word being said. The system can communicate almost like a person. The natural dialogue design, the ability to understand multiple questions in a single sentence, and above all, the ability to detect logical connections make Continental's innovative solution a smart companion on the road. Thanks to smart algorithms and a system architecture that is fully adapted to the vehicle, the assistant helps the driver on the road. Neither does it give frustrating answers such as "I can't understand you" or "Beyond my abilities" to perfectly understandable questions.

“Vehicles are transformed into smart and helpful companions”

Voice recognition is a complex but crucial area for future generations. The modern car cockpit, with its large touchscreen displays, the keys and buttons of which have been increasing, has become a different area than it was a few years ago. Information has been transmitted in different ways, making the driver as intuitive as possible. However, this only represents the “vehicle to human” aspect of communication.

Johann Hiebl, Head of Chassis & Safety and Infotainment & Connectivity Unit at Continental, said:

“Intelligent voice control is key to natural and safe communication with the vehicle, especially for future semi-automatic and autonomous car production. Like the smartphone, the vehicle is personal, each zamthe moment becomes a helpful and intelligent friend. This is even more possible, especially thanks to the smart voice recognition technology of our new digital assistant. "

This technology also provides system builders with more possibilities from design and engine performance to the battery range so they can differentiate from the competition. These new in-car experiences will be key elements that will make manufacturers stand out from the competition in the future.

Smart means connecting

Continental's intelligent audio assistant offers a number of key advantages, such as seamless switching between various function menus. For example, the driver may request a route to activate the satellite navigation system. The driver can then ask for free parking at the destination or send an e-mail to reserve a table at a restaurant around the destination. The system provides consistent communication and sends relevant data from the navigation system to the parking assist, matching internet searches for restaurants with the location of the proposed car park. Then, using the navigation system for the estimated time of arrival, it sends the information and restaurant search to the e-mail and voice recording program to reserve a table. The assistant understands the desire to ara Search for a restaurant there ve and makes the correct interpretation of the “There” as the pre-selected destination.

Another important feature of the system is that it can detect meaningful connections without having to issue disturbing commands. When the driver says, sistem I'm hungry, sistem the system can initiate a restaurant search. The assistant can handle multiple questions or two tasks that are conveyed in a single sentence. If the driver says orum I want to get to Continental as quickly as possible in Hannover and eat Chinese food nearby ”, the assistant calculates the route and searches for Chinese restaurants near the destination.

The digital assistant is also capable of learning. With each interaction, the system optimizes the driver's user profile. During the next trip, if the driver says “I'm hungry,, the smart voice assistant recommends Chinese restaurants to the driver, if the user is often chosen first. However, with the answer “No, I prefer Italian food bu, this selection can be updated quickly. This feature will create great convenience for drivers in the future. For example, if the assistant realizes that the electric vehicle battery is running out of charge, it offers a shopping mall, park or restaurant depending on the user's preferences.

Cloud-connected hybrid solution and in-car applications

This technology also ensures the security of data belonging to the automaker or Continental.

“The data is only used to optimize the driver's personal profile and make communication even more smooth and intuitive. It makes a very important difference between other digital assistants working with voice. ” said.

Continental's smart voice assistant is a hybrid solution that includes a cloud-based, voice-operated digital companion and natural voice recognition in the car. This means that safety-related driving functions can work independently of any network connection. In an autonomous vehicle, for example, "Stop!" command can run even at a dead point.

Another benefit of this system is that the new voice assistant can be coordinated with similar systems from other providers and the driver can be connected to content, applications and files in the office or at home while in the vehicle. In the future, for example, an OEM or vehicle sharing provider may also be able to bring their assistant and personal profiles with them on their phones, using the mobility application. If you find yourself standing in front of a recommended restaurant and decide to change your mind, a simple command on your smartphone is enough: bul Find me an alternative. ”

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