Audi's Drone Concept Electric Off-Road Car Unveils in Frankfurt

audinin drone concept electric terrain car appeared in frankfurt
audinin drone concept electric terrain car appeared in frankfurt

Audi's electric off-roader uses a drone as the top light. The new concept car appeared in Frankfurt.

Audi is not an automobile company that is generally associated with land adventures. However, this did not prevent the German giant from designing a concept terrain vehicle. The company designed a concept for the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show and built the Audi AI: Trail fully electric all-terrain vehicle for new adventures.

Like all concept cars, this vehicle has no zamThere is a possibility that it will not enter mass production at the moment, or be released to the market. However, since Volkswagen, the roof company of Audi, previously produced an electric Buggy concept, it would be wrong to close the subject completely.

AI: Trail is the fourth of Audi's concept vehicles. The company had previously introduced the concepts AI: Con, AI: Me and AI: Race. The vehicle was built with the system of att we threw ideas on the wall, we took the sticker ”. The 22-inch giant wheels feature features such as the 400-500 mileage range and curved windbreakers. The rear seats are hammock-type, and the car is really remarkable. Also the vehicle Level 4 has autonomous features. So this vehicle is able to travel on its own in a defined geographical area.

The vehicle has 320 kilowatts and 1000 Newton-meter traction. It may not be very appealing to people to trust the vehicle to go on its own in the mountains. Audi is aware of the situation and said autonomous driving would rather improve the driving experience. The terrain information allows the vehicle to organize itself to suit the terrain.

Audi's “Audi Light Pathfinders” lights can fly and illuminate their surroundings. (Webtekno)

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