Audi from Turkey 'Beautiful Movements'

beautiful movements from audi turkiyede
beautiful movements from audi turkiyede

Audi Turkey, Turkey to officials authorized dealer sales consultant in general 'Sign Language' training it gives. 17 expert from the Value and Interest Center (DIM), which provides dialogue, roadside assistance and call center services to the brands that 2 Audi sales consultant and Doğuş Otomotiv distributes within the framework of the project called Güzel Beautiful Movements gerçekleştiril realized by the sales-training unit of the brand, 3 received sign language training throughout the day.

In Turkey, the number 3 million hearing impaired individuals approaching the beginning of the problems they encounter in their daily lives, communication is coming. Because every word used in the daily language is not in Turkish Sign Language (TID) and the average vocabulary of hearing impaired individuals consists of 150 words, it is not possible to communicate with the text contrary to popular belief.

In collaboration with Audi and IEEFD

Audi realized in sales consultants each year in Turkey Audi Training Needs Analysis' in, a sign language of the sales consultants acting on the request training the sales-training team, the Association of Deaf Education Activities (İEEFD) in collaboration with the project was started immediately.

The project called 'Beautiful Movements'; It came out at the request of a sales consultant who tried to negotiate with a hearing impaired guest who came to an Audi Authorized Dealer but who, despite his best efforts, was unable to establish the desired communication. Believing that the right of the hearing impaired guest to receive information, which is the most natural right under the current conditions, remains limited, the project was established in a short time by requesting sign language education in order to solve the problem.

17 sales consultant and DİM expert 2 sales consultant and XMUMN XNUMX sales consultant and XNUMX sales consultant from XNUMX sales consultant and XMUMN XNUMX sales consultant and XNUMX sales consultant who is aiming at increasing social sharing of hearing impaired people, helping them to overcome their deficiencies in terms of socio-cultural needs, developing awareness of approach to all people with disabilities, making service accessibility sustainable and providing freedom to everyone in their mother tongue.

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