What should be your tire pressure?

What should be your tire pressure
What should be your tire pressure

Tire Michelin, who states that vehicles whose air pressure is not within normal values, cannot achieve the desired performance in bends, brakes and fuel consumption, underlines the importance of checking tire air pressure at least once a day.

Pointing out that the control and adjustment of the required air pressure is a very simple process, Michelin points out that the measurement can be made at the air pressure station at each fuel station and this process will make a positive contribution to both fuel consumption and vehicle performance.

Tire wears rapidly, fuel consumption increases

According to Michelin; tire air pressure is a state that varies according to the weight of the vehicle, weight balance and most importantly the tire dimensions. Low air pressure increases the risk of a tire blowout and increases the driver's risk of an accident. Same zamAt the moment, the soles of the tires with high pressure and the tread of the tires on the shoulder parts of the tires with low pressure wear out in a short time. Without the correct air pressure, the tire will overheat and fuel consumption will increase.

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