Classic Cars Toured in Antalya

classic cars in antaly city tour
classic cars in antaly city tour

Classic cars toured the city. Off-Road breath stopped. President Bug was part of the excitement. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality organized under the auspices of Turkey's first and only festival began with Hobby Hobby Fest 2019 colorful events. The festival began with a city cortege of off-road vehicles, classic cars and motorcycles. Muhittin Böcek, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, became a partner of 2019 in Hobby Fest. President Böcek, visiting the booth area, was offered coffee cooked at the campfire. Antalyalılar Hobby Fest thanked President Böcek for.

The first day of the Hobby Festival, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department, by bringing hobby enthusiasts together to contribute to the socio-cultural life of Antalya, was the scene of colorful images. It was organized with a magnificent cortege at the opening of 'Hobby Fest 2019' which will last two days.


Hobby Fest 2019, where adrenaline and entertainment will be unlimited, started with a cortege organized with the participation of classic cars, woswos, Murat 124, off road vehicles and motorcycles in front of Antalya Cultural Center. Konyaalti Avenue, Cumhuriyet Square, Isiklar Avenue (Ataturk Street), where the colorful vehicles are located from each other, were completed in Murat Pyramid Municipality, White World, Sirinyali, Meydan, Mevlana, 100.Year, Glass Pyramid area in front of Dedeman Hotel. Citizens also showed great interest in vehicles that make the cortege accompanied by horn sounds.


On the first day of Hobby Fest 2019 took place with colorful activities such as Off-Road Special Spectator Stage, nostalgic car and motorcycle exhibition, chess sport training and competitions, controlled car races, fly board shows, basketball tournament and mixed photo exhibition. Turkish Aeronautical Association, the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, Classic Car Club, many institutions such as the Bug clubs and motorcycle clubs, foundations, associations throughout the day in the stands established in the Glass Pyramid gave information about barbeques activities with citizens. Turkish Aeronautical Association gave citizens a different experience by providing Flight Simulator trainings at the booth it established. Hobby Festival was full of fun for children. The children had a fun day with their families in the inflatable playgrounds, pinball and rodeo area.


Within the scope of the festival, Off-Road show was held in Beach Park for adrenaline fans. Off-road vehicles passed the challenging stages of the track specially prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality and gave the audience exciting moments. Especially female off-road driver Hilal Kayahan's performance received great applause.


Muhittin Böcek, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, also shared the excitement of Hobby Fest 2019. Mayor Böcek visited the stands which were established in the festival area and took photos with the citizens. President Böcek was offered coffee cooked at the campfire. Presented to the students in the intelligence games organized for children, President Bug insect, congratulated the children for their success. Hobby Fest Antalya people expressed their happiness for organizing 2019 and thanked President Böcek for the excitement of Hobby Fest.

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