7 Recommendation Against Sudden Vehicle Failures

7 recommended against sudden vehicle failures
7 recommended against sudden vehicle failures

Sudden vehicle malfunctions while driving is one of the worst scenarios that threatens the life and property safety of both the vehicle owner and other drivers in traffic. In order to avoid such unexpected situations, drivers need to have their maintenance done regularly and pay attention to some tricks. With 150 years of being Turkey's long-standing history with the first title insurance company Generali Insurance, car owners will now prevented by the breakdown and malfunction immediately offered advice to ease the current situation.

Check the vehicle periodically

Failure to check the vehicle's current status at regular intervals is one of the most common omissions. Constantly delayed controls give the driver a difficult time in unexpected moments. It should be noted that periodic checking of the vehicle will prevent the avoidance of sudden vehicle failures. In particular, tires that are at the forefront of sudden breakdowns and certain indicators such as fuel condition, engine oil and water should be checked regularly.

Beware of water leaks

Water leaks may occur in different parts of vehicles such as cylinders and circulation pumps. In order to prevent these water leaks, which cause sudden breakdowns, the hoses should be checked periodically for worn or worn.

Take necessary measures

It is important for the safety of other drivers to notice the defective vehicle, especially in case of any malfunction after dark. First of all, personal security should be provided. A safer range of motion can be created by burning the quads and using the reflector.

Don't be alarmed in case of fire

In case of fire while driving, do not be alarmed and take care to keep your calm. Park your vehicle as safe as possible. Switch off the ignition and apply the parking brake, get out of the vehicle and call the fire department immediately.

Have battery jump leads

One of the sudden failures that cause the driver to remain on the road is the depletion of the battery. Every vehicle should be equipped with a battery booster cable in case of any possibility.

Do not move when engine overheats

One of the sudden automobile failures is that the engine overheats. Continuing the road in such a situation may result in vehicle burning and larger problems. To avoid a bigger problem, the vehicle should be stopped, the vehicle should be pulled aside without starting the ignition and the engine water should be cooled. In cases where there is overheating in the engine of the vehicle, “absolutely” should not be moved.

If you do not have a casco

It should not be forgotten that in case of stay on the road caused by sudden vehicle breakdowns, assistance will be easily obtained from insurance companies with the help of the insurance of insurance and safety of life and property will be provided.

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