National Express Train from Eskisehir Elsewhere is not produced in Turkey

Speaking on Eskişehir's Pulse program, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) Chairman Metin Güler said: “Eskişehir name is in the success ranks in every field. Contemporary, modern and understandable city. It has all kinds of infrastructure. I think that Eskişehir will run further in every field in the future. ”

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) Chairman Metin Güler answered questions of Ali Baş and Arif Anbar on the agenda of Eskişehir's Pulse program broadcasted on ES TV. Evaluating the economic situation after the elections, Güler said, “There is an extraordinary situation in the economy since the 2018's 7 month. We need to analyze this extraordinary situation correctly. There have been extraordinary situations both in the country and in our city. The issue was about how to manage the stressful environment in which we live, and we had to act within the plan and program. Unfortunately, the economy and business life do not recognize the gap. As long as you can't control and plan and manage the flow, you have problems. Of course, if we evaluate the developments in the short term, the 10 monthly process was very heavy and intensive for us. Both the high exchange rate and the fact that the Turkish money has become very valuable, on the one hand, that chaos environment, but we are a country that can overcome them. Turkish business people, entrepreneurs, citizens can overcome this. These latest moves reveal this. 4.25 interest rate cuts initiated by state banks are very valuable. I can say that interest rates will decline further in the short term. This change in the exchange rate in recent years is actually a hope in terms of sustainability. The real important point here in the private sector, the public banks outside the banks also need to keep up with this system, this fire in the foreign currency is extinguished. In the short term, the decline seems to continue further. If the interest rates fall, I hope that our businesses will invest again thanks to the low interest rate and the stable situation in the foreign currency. Kul


and the developments in the world as well as Turkey's Gul said Eskişehir greatly affected, "Now the world globally. A situation in the US or Europe affects us. You have to follow the developments there and the world's connector. You can't stay away from them. Of course we're following and we need to develop moves according to it. We have to be effective in our region so that we can have a say in the world. This is a field of struggle. Everybody's trying to get a share of this big cake. Our country's own dynamics are making every effort to overcome this. ”


Making evaluations about the housing prices in Eskişehir, Güler said, “The stance of the public banks made us go through this period more easily. Both Ziraat, the Foundation and Halk Bank managed this process very well with their plans. Many cities actually have housing stock right now. Eskişehir is included in this. Currently, institutions and banks doing business in the other private sector have an obligation to keep up with this, otherwise they cannot get a share from this cake. We will feel a rapid development in the housing market from now on. We have approximately 3 thousand members working in the construction sector. End zamthey had very painful periods in moments. In this unstable period, housing sales were realized below its cost in that period. Prices are formed by themselves, we have no chance to produce this. We have to look ahead of us, not the past. In fact, the most important factor affecting housing costs is land costs. We have to expand the area. It is currently stuck. We need to speed up the work here. The production sector gets active. Employment is our biggest problem right now. This comes alive again. You cannot produce unless you consume it. If we can look to the future with hope, systems that will meet this need to be developed, we have become hesitant even to meet our daily needs. After this system is formed, I think that the economy will achieve its goals on its own. There are around 2018 businesses that have been closed. Between January and July 700, the workplace opened is around 2019. The number of businesses that have been closed is around 800. The number of businesses, which closed around eight percent, has increased in 900. The service sector takes an important place. We are seeing a change in construction and industrial areas right now. There are downsizing. We have seen these in the past year, ”he said.


Stating that they want to make a congress tourism in Eskişehir, Güler said that they will make ten fairs in 2020 and said: te We have four fairs in the next four months. 5 will welcome around a thousand guests. Both TUYAP and different companies have demands. For example, rail systems fair will be held in Istanbul and Izmir. At present, our efforts can make Eskişehir the center of the rail systems fair. We're making an effort. If the railway activity is to be carried out in Eskişehir first. In 2020 this will be the railway fair. We will have our main and subsidiary industries both in Turkey and abroad. We are meeting with TÜLOMSAŞ both with Ankara dimension and with international companies. There must be a few fairs to name here. It is currently the center of Eskişehir railway. Check the occupancy rates of the hotels there during the fair periods. Here the difference emerges at a positive rate. This is a social organization. Think like a match. The profits of the people working in all kinds of service sector in the city increased. Thousands of people come to this city during the fair. It is not possible that this will not create added value. This city is loved and wanted to be visited. For example, congress tourism. It is very difficult to congress in other cities of Anatolia. But it's easy here because if a city has social equipment, it happens and it happens. The service sector is a very important source of livelihood for us. We need to strengthen this by ensuring its sustainability. Eskişehir name is already in the success ranks in every field, so it is much easier to fill in this name. Congress tourism comes at a very expensive price and this is even more advantageous for us. Contemporary, modern and understandable city. It has all kinds of infrastructure. I think that Eskişehir will run even further in every field in the future ”.


Speaking about the URAYSİM project, which is within the scope of the 11th Development Plan, Güler said, “I think the two are separate projects. Now, you move this center here, in a very short time, the multipliers of this will increase economically to this city. If national high-speed train to be produced from Eskisehir in Turkey it can not be produced elsewhere. Every zamI'm telling the moment. Examine the cities that produce high-speed trains in the world, there is always a railway in the past. If there is no story for this, it does not appear. If you leave TÜLOMSAŞ and try to produce it in another place from scratch, zamloss of moment, as well as economic loss. Let it be URAYSİM, let's take the national high-speed train to the field, let the organization develop in this way. Eskişehir both receives a lot of immigration and develops economically in a short time. But we need to be ready with its infrastructure. I mentioned this at a meeting with interested parties. We do not have any data determined by experts as to why YHT should be done here. TÜLOMSAŞ did this, but we need a report in which we will demonstrate a research with a third eye. I think Eskişehir is the shortest zamthe moment must take care of it. "We are currently working on it," he said.


Güler stated that they should be told to the citizens by evaluating the professional committees and said, meslek We have professional committees in our foundation charter and this has to be because the system works like this. First of all, professional committees are formed, of which council members are formed. I'm a member of the committee before I'm elected, so the list must have my name. We have 40 professional committees here. They are all different business lines. Underneath are the members who do business in different sectors close to 400. The issue is my 2006-2020 strategic plan, in fact, to make the professional committees more active. The committees primarily plan their own sectors. They make some decisions. Our duty as the board of directors is to try to solve the decisions taken here. The whole flow of information comes to us from there. In order to be more active, we have ensured that the decisions taken at these meetings are transferred to the relevant institutions. Because I don't know their problems better than they do. I am not a single man, this is the distribution of duties and democracy. Now we are planning 2023. Thanks to these friends we will do this when planning. We both volunteer. If you feel that sense of belonging, you become even more productive towards that institution. We are trying to make this more understandable as an enterprise. I care about the convention charter. There is a need for planning immediately. ”

We look at the events in reverse

Speaking about the continuous exploration of the mine in Eskişehir in the last period, Güler said, “I think that we sometimes look at things in reverse. After doing something comes to us before we try to create perception. EIA report was received in this area. It is necessary to analyze correctly what kind of harm this will cause to the people of the region. We need to look at the physical space. Agricultural land or fertile area should look at it. As a result, if it is an underground mine and precious, it should be removed. Its environmental impact, value, etc. need to determine and transfer to the public. Since things start in reverse, it causes such polemics. ”


The first organizations related to mining in Turkey MEDSAN 's talking about Guler, "We had a first life in the mining sector. This was our promise and project. This company has set the standard in the mining sector in Turkey. standard occurred in Turkey, but no necessity. As long as there is such a requirement in the mining sector, ETO is the only place in the mining sector to issue this certificate. The program and structure belong to us. But of course there are laws and rules. Our certificate means that in that sense, that person is now accredited in the sense that he can do this job. We are exporting documents in 40 industry. If we didn't give them, they'd go to bigger cities and get this document. For example, I will sell second-hand vehicles, if you say you will open a gallery you have to get the certificate you can not work in this sector otherwise. If a person cannot get a professional certificate, for example, he can no longer do that job. This has criminal sanctions. So we made this investment. The Ministry agreed to take our standards and said I can apply it. Otherwise TÜKAK'ta would not. He can apply for it in another institution like us. But we Eskişehir has had a say in this matter. Turkey must come in as soon as everyone associated with it will run the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce. The company wants to make its employees more qualified and comes and receives training and certification, puts the file ver Expressions included.


Commenting on the project of allocating bicycles to newly implemented hotels in Eskişehir, Güler said, “Bicycle consumption has become very intense all over the world. There are two sides to this, one side is the private sector, from here there is a call to our mayor. Let's increase the length of our bike path. But Eskişehir also has a physical reality. There is density in the center. The point we are looking at is this: hotels should get efficiency from this so that we can get 700. This was a marketing tactic and a sales policy. zamat the moment. The project is currently working well. An organization made at the point of contributing. We have set roads around the badger tea, there are. But not enough. If the number of bicycles increases, our municipalities should make preparations for this. "It is very valuable both in terms of health and transportation." Speaking about BEBKA, a development project covering the provinces of the region, Güler said, “BEBKA is a planned development agency in Eskişehir, Bursa and Bilecik. There are governors, chamber presidents, and provincial council presidents. Different calls are made every year. 2020 is currently planned. There is no money left in BEBKA because many projects are called. Thanks to the agency, many companies complete their shortcomings. "The money there is currently being used in the right place." Stating that the northern ring road should be made very urgently, Güler said, “We also have an airport where we cannot fly abroad. We must open domestic lines. This business will not be one-footed. Eskişehir needs to have a transfer station. There are all kinds of investments. Sometimes I say that I run it with the private sector logic. It should become more usable. Everything is ready but there is no flight. That investment was made there. We will develop this ”he said. (the Anadolugazete)

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