Turkey, 10 749 year were: Km New Highway Construction

According to the data published by Eurostat, the official statistical institution of the European Union in 2017 and updated in April 2019, the longest highway in Europe is located in Spain with 15 kilometers. Spain and Germany follow Spain.

The length of highways in Turkey in the same study of 2 thousand 657 kilometers. Eurostat, these data highways included in his report on Turkey is provided by the General Directorate. length of highways in Turkey was 2007 kilometers in 1.908. Accordingly, 2017 kilometers of new roads were built in the 10-year period up to 749 in Turkey.


In its report on highway lengths, Eurostat included data on European Union member 28 countries as well as candidate status countries.

General Directorate of Highways (KGM), according to Turkey's motorway network length
KGM's official website at the beginning of 2019, according to data released, the total length of highways in Turkey is explained as 2 thousand 159 km. The note regarding this data includes the information that 'the Main Body and Connection road is included in the length of the highway, but the roads built by the Yanyol and Junction roads and the Build-Operate-Transfer method are excluded'.


Source:  tr.ieuronews

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