Railway Route Map YHT TCDD and Current Lines 2020

TCDD Railway Route and High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Map Hat 2020 Updated: Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD railway lines and 2020-to-date maps showing the boundary of the Regional Directorate of TCDD rayhaber.com'in. It is possible to get more detailed information about YHT Lines Map using Google Maps.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey in our pages, we share with you the current map. Maps are prepared by TCDD and are maps showing the current railway routes for 2019. We share these maps with you on our site for those who want to get information about railways and learn about road routes. When TCDD publishes maps showing new railway lines, we will share them with you on our site.

Turkish State Railway MAP

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TCDD Istanbul 1. Area, Ankara 2. Region, Izmir 3. Region, Sivas 4. Region, Malatya 5. Region, Adana 6. Region and Afyonkarahisar 7. Regional Directorates, including 7 Regional Directorate, have a provincial structure and serve with YHT region in Ankara.

It consists of 8 sections in total, and the regions where the regions are responsible are shown on the map below: We also share with you the map showing the borders of the Regional Directorates of TCDD.

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Turkey's first in Ankara 2009 - 245 his speed train line between Eskisehir lKm, today (February - As of 2019) were included in Konya and Istanbul and crossed the line length xnumxkm'y in total. Turkey's high-speed railway lines, construction of high-speed train lines and bus lines which carry passengers connections we share with you on the map.

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Ankara Istanbul high speed train route map: 9 stop on Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line has been determined as Polatli, Eskisehir, Bozuyuk, Bilecik, Pamukova, Sapanca, Izmit, Gebze and Pendik. The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line will be integrated into Marmaray with the suburban line in Pendik. Continuous transportation from Europe to Asia will be provided.

Ankara İstanbul YHT Technical Information

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, independent of the existing line 533 km long The 250 includes the construction of a new double-track high-speed railway, all electrically and signaled, for speed of km / h.

With the completion of the project, Ankara-Istanbul will be reduced to three hours. It is aimed to increase the share of rail in passenger transport on this route from 10 to 78 percent. Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be integrated with Marmaray to provide uninterrupted transportation from Europe to Asia. With this project, which connects the two biggest cities of our country, social, economic and cultural exchange between cities will increase and our country, which is in the process of membership to the European Union, will be ready with its transportation infrastructure.

Ankara İstanbul YHT Project Information

The project 8 consists of separate parts;

  1. Ankara Sincan: 24 Km
  2. Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station
  3. Sincan Esenkent: 15 Km
  4. Esenkent Eskisehir: 206 Km
  5. Eskisehir Railroad: 2.679 m
  6. Eskisehir Inonu: 30 Km
  7. Inonu Grand Vizier: 54 Km

Ankara Istanbul high speed line Eskişehir - Sakarya Route

  • Vezirhan Köseköy: 104 Km
  • Köseköy Gebze: 56 Km
  • Gebze Haydarpasa: 44 Km

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in two stages. The first stage of the project, Ankara Eskişehir High Speed ​​Line, was put into service in 2009. The construction of the Eskişehir Istanbul line, the second phase of the project, continues. The Foundation of Köseköy Gebze Stage was laid on 28.03.2012.

Sincan Esenkent and Esenkent-Eskişehir Lines were commissioned.

TCDD Railways Route Map Questions and Answers

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Ticket from TCDD tolls train you can get your ticket directly from the attendant. For this you need to go to the Station or Station. from TCDD Train ticket You can call the call center to receive. TCDD Call Center Phone Number 444 8233 so in terms of being more permanent in mind 444 TCDD'Dr. For details Click here ...

Electronic Passenger Ticket Sales-Reservation System, in short, EMIS With this method, you can buy your ticket online with your credit card at a discount. If you want to learn how to buy Train Tickets on the Internet HERE You can learn in detail by clicking. For details Click here ...

Ankara Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Timetables are as follows. For details Click here...

Ankara Eskişehir High School
Ankara Departure ACCESS Polatli Eskisehir Arrival Süre
1 81051 PM06:40 PM06:58 PM07:22 PM08:07 PM1:27
2 81053 PM10:30 PM10:48 PM11:12 PM11:57 PM1:27
3 81055 PM15:00 PM15:18 PM15:42 PM16:27 PM1:27
4 81057 PM17:30 PM17:48 PM18:12 PM18:57 PM1:27
5 81059 PM20:20 PM20:38 PM21:02 PM21:47 PM1:27

Ankara Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Stations are four:

  1. Ankara
  2. eryaman
  3. Polatli
  4. Eskişehir

Ankara Eskişehir high speed train runs every day. It is possible to make 5 voyages on this line. In addition to the same zamAnkara Eskişehir line is also located at the moment. Ankara Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train line, one of the 6 flights, 13 he makes a voyage. For details Click here...

Since the train stations are in the city, a journey between Ankara and Eskişehir 1 hours 27 minutes takes. Instead of traveling with this train, you can also choose the Anlara Istanbul line. It passes through the same stops in two flights. For details Click here...


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