Istanbul Izmir Highway is the Biggest Project in the EU under BOT

Republic of Turkey, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's grace with Bursa-Izmir Motorway held in Badırga located in Bursa City Hospital and the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway Joint Opening his speech at the ceremony, happy to have witnessed more history one day and proud said that they are.

Turhan, a significant part of the population lived in Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, Balikesir, Manisa and Izmir, hosting cities such as the Marmara and Aegean regions of the new lifeblood, he said.

Turhan pointed out that the project is one of the structures shown by finger in terms of size in the world. schools, great services that will not end in counting in every field… Here, the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which we will open today, is the last link of this service caravan. When the president laid the foundation for this highway in 2010, he said, 'I'm not interested in beginnings but in results.' you said. You were right because the foundations were laid in the past, but they could not be brought to an end.

Under your leadership, with the superior efforts and efforts of our governments, this intriguing understanding is history. Thank God, we have not had any projects that we have not been able to conclude. Even though there were some delays and setbacks, we came out of all our projects with our hearts. Personally, I have been in this project since its preparatory phase. Someone at that time, the project until Izmir,zamHe argued that the idea of ​​the ace would not be economical. SHE IS zamOur current Minister, Binali Yıldırım, and you, President, stood behind the project and the magnificent work emerged today. "

“The project has been realized by our local companies”

Expressing that the Osmangazi Bridge is the backbone of the project, Turhan said that the road between Istanbul and Izmir has fallen from 8-9 hours to 3,5 hours.

Turhan stated that the investment amount of the project, which is 426 kilometers long with connection roads, is 11 billion dollars including the financing cost, and continued as follows: “This project is the first highway project to be tendered with the build-operate-transfer model in our country. It is the largest scale project realized within the scope of build-operate-transfer in the European Union. zamat the moment. Another remarkable feature of the project is this: This project was carried out by our local companies with works that require high technology, innovative applications and advanced construction techniques. If this project had been done with national budget resources, we would have delayed the implementation of many other projects.

However, we have completed this project in 6,5 year without any burden on the state's vault. So, if we were to make this project with the current budget appropriations, which works would we not be able to do? Our divided road length would be missing from the 2 thousand 442 kilometers. We would be delayed in putting the investment into service like the 130 kilometer bridge and 200 kilometer tunnel. For example, Ovit Tunnel, Sabuncubeli Tunnel, Cankurtaran Tunnel, Ilgaz 15 July Independence Tunnel, Nissibi Bridge, Ağın Bridge, Şehzadeler Bridge and surrounding roads would not be possible to realize important projects. ”

“3,43 billion liras a year zamwe will save time and fuel ”

Turhan underlined that the highway will contribute billions of dollars directly and indirectly to the economy, of course, the state's share of the guarantee payment in the project, he said.

"But this amount only accounts for 18 percent of the project cost." Turhan said: “In other words, 82 percent of the project cost will be covered by the revenues from the services arising from this project. After the transfer of the project to the public, the revenues from this highway will be a source for the construction of new roads. Again, thanks to the highway, 3,43 billion liras per year, zamWe will save time and fuel. With the elimination of traffic waiting, there will be a decrease of approximately 375 thousand tons in emission emissions annually, so we make a great contribution to the environment and nature. "


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