First Turkish Steam Locomotive KARAKURT

KARAKURT, the first Turkish steam locomotive: On April 4, 1957, Mr. Adnan MENDERES, who was in the opening ceremony of the Cement Factory in Eskişehir (Çukurhisar), honored the State Railways Cer Workshop and examined it with all the factories of the factories, especially the Apprentice School. They had their genius with the Labor Unions and Federation Delegations. Later, he traveled to one of the locomotives of the "Mehmetçik" and "Efe" miniature trains, which will be operated at the Ankara Youth Park that year in order to popularize the train, train and railway. Can you make the biggest of this locomotive if I ask for you? ” He said.

In 1958, Eskişehir Draw Frame Workshop is organized for new and big targets under the name of Eskişehir Railway Factory. This goal is to manufacture domestic locomotive and in 1961, holds the honor monument of Turkish workers and engineers at the factory. This is the first Turkish steam locomotive with 1915 horsepower, 97 tons and 70 km / h speeds. BLACK WOLF 'kind.

The answer to the question of the first Turkish Steam Locomotive: Karakurt

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