Between Ankara and Sivas YHT will drop to 2 Clock

Vice President Fuat Oktay, on each side of the country quickly said that continued investment in Turkey "did not stop any investment, work is continuing according to schedule. The time it takes for a train leaving Ankara to reach Sivas is 12 hours. When the High Speed ​​Train is completed it will be dropped to the 2 clock. ”

Yozgat Municipality in front of the Governor Kadir Cakir, Mayor Celal Kose and Oktay welcomed by members of the protocol, 31 March Municipal Administrations in the election of Mayor of Yozgat Celal Köse visited the Mayor.

Vice President Fuat Oktay, who continued his travels and investigations in Yozgat, made extensive inspections in Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train and Yozgat Airport construction areas and received comprehensive information from the authorities. Vice President Fuat Oktay, Governor Kadir Cakir and the accompanying delegation along with the High Speed ​​Train Project, where the work of rail spreading from the Sorgun Station has traveled to the vehicle to balance the rail axis.

ongoing projects and investments in Yozgat they also transfer over Oktay, nothing is stopping in Turkey, stressing that investment continued at a brisk pace.

from all over Turkey, according to the timetable determined that all investments continued in full speed on every corner telling Oktay, noted as follows:

“Here also, our high-speed train project is an 810 kilometer line going from Ankara to Sivas. I've found the studies quite well, on the spot. We got a detailed briefing. If it is fortune, we will almost start test drives by the end of this year, but if it is fortune, we wish to complete this line by the end of 405. Our Ministry of Transport and all our units are operating according to this program. Accordingly, resource transfers continue. ”

Oktay pointed out that the journey between Ankara and Sivas with the conventional line lasted for 12 hours. “When the YHT is completed, these two hours will be reduced. One hour from Yozgat to Sivas, one hour from Yozgat to Ankara. From there it will be integrated to other lines and we have integrated it to Istanbul. Thousand 213 kilometers have already completed our YHT line. I hope we have completed here as an additional line from scratch we are accelerating our investments in this area. ”

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