Anadolu Isuzu to Compete in TransAnatolia Rally

isuzu transanatolia rally in anatolia
isuzu transanatolia rally in anatolia

Anadolu Isuzu's female race pilots participate in the TransAnatolia Rally, one of the most challenging races in the world, which will be held in 9 this year with its Isuzu D-Max rally car.

Isuzu pick-up carrying the first and the only one produced in Turkey D-Max in transanatoli race 3. will start from Abant and start 2300 kilometers of challenging tracks and reach Göbeklitepe to register its endurance.

Turkey's first and only manufacturer Anadolu Isuzu pick-ups, held 9 years our country and the world's toughest rally raid racing as one of transanatoli Rally for the second time attending the women's race pilots. Isuzu translated into production and racing car in Turkey D-Max roll cage system performance engine, racing steering wheel, racing seats and will be one of transanatoli the 2019's interesting race car with a special green color. This year 3. The Isuzu D-Max racing car, which will take part in the Transanatolia Rally, will finish the 1 weekly challenging course and prove its durability once again.

Anadolu Isuzu, which includes the equality of women and men applied by Anadolu Group in all its brands, also participates in the TransAnatolia race with female pilots this year as it did last year. Yeşim Nur Mantaş and Pınar Çelikel will sit in the pilot seat of Isuzu D-Max which combines strong and durable chassis infrastructure with 4 × 4 traction system. Anadolu Isuzu racing team, which will compete with the 454 door number, will surpass the stages in TransAnatolia, which will be closely followed by the whole world, with a specially modified vehicle.

7 Anadolu Isuzu female race pilots, who will cross the total 2.300 km track per day, will start the race from Bolu Abant Lake on the first day and complete the Beypazarı, Nallıhan, Gordion and Haymana courses. 2. Anadolu Isuzu women's team, starting from Haymana and completing the Tuz Gölü, Sultanhanı, Obruk Lakes, Mecca and Acıgöl course, 3. day from Acıgöl to Ihlara, Güzelyurt, Pomegranate Lake and Cappadocia, 4. day Cappadocia from Erciyes, Sultan Reeds, Ahır Mountain Plateaus and Maraş track, 5. day from Marash to Nurhak Mountains, Engizek Mountains and Nemrut Mountain trail, 6. day from the Mount Nemrut to the Ataturk Dam and Mardin course, 7. The day will cross the Göbeklitepe course from Mardin and complete the 2019 year TransAnatolia rally.

24-31 Another important feature of TransAnatolia 2019, which will be held in August, is that the last stop of the race will take place in Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe in 2019, the year of Göbeklitepe in Tourism. This year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is also supporting the event, which will be widely featured in the world press.

In the TransAnatolia Rally, which will be held with more than 20 participants from countries close to 80, rallyers will compete in motorcycle, ATV, SSV, 4X4 Cars and trucks classes.

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