High Speed ​​Train Sets and Features - CAF HT65000

High Speed ​​Train Sets and Features - CAF HT65000: High speed train sets supplied from CAF company located in Spain consist of 6 wagons. In these sets, maximum comfort is provided for passengers while traveling on safe lines with high technology. 250 km / h Fast Train, which will go fast, has air conditioning, video, TV music system, equipment for disabled people, closed circuit image recording system, vacuum toilets. Each set has wagons designed separately as Business class and first class. Total at one time 419 PassengerThe seats of the train, which can carry y, are installed for 55 Business class, 354 first class, 2 handicapped and 8 for cafeteria. The seats in my business class section are covered with leather and the seats in other sections are covered with fabric.

  • TCDD Train Code: HT65000
  • Azami speed: 250 km / h
  • Azami power: 4 800 kW
  • Length of string: 158.92 m
  • Number of passengers: 419
  • Sequence arrangement: 6 wagon (4 passenger 1 luxury 1 cafeteria), each driven by a bogie, can be mounted on the 8 wagon, two strings can be added together.
  • Brake System: Disc air brake with electric regenerative brake and apple prevention system
  • Dimensions: Cabin Wagon Lengths 27 350 mm, Intermediate Wagon Lengths 25 780 mm
  • Wheel Diameter (New) 850 mm
  • Service Acceleration: 0.48 m / s ^ 2

Business Class Wagon

    • 2 + 1 seats in leather, 940 mm spaced seats,
    • 4 is a visual broadcasting system that will broadcast from a separate channel via 4 separate channel as well as an audio system capable of broadcasting music for at least 4 hours;
    • One luggage rack per passenger compartment,
    • Two foldable tables in each passenger compartment, apart from those integrated behind the seats Power supply for the laptop in the business class classroom and a separate LCD display behind each seat, plus an LCD display on the ceiling
    • Illuminated signal to call cabin crew
    • 2 Vacuum Toilet,
    • Wagon floors are carpeted,
    • 3 footrest, head restraints, armrests, magazine holder, garbage bin, audio inputs,
    • Wagon windows amine / tempered double glass,
    • Each hall has 2 tempered windows.

YHT 1. Class Wagon

  • Fabric covered, 2 mm spaced seats in 2 + 940 layout,
  • 4 audio system that can broadcast music from separate channel for at least 4 hours,
  • Visual broadcast system,
  • The windows are equipped with modern venetian blinds; airplane type closed luggage compartment,
  • Acoustic and thermal comfort (according to UIC 660 OR),
  • Two folding tables in each passenger compartment, apart from those integrated behind the seats,
  • 1 Vacuum Toilet,
  • One of the 1 class cars is 2. cafe in order to provide food / beverage service,
  • Wagon floors are carpeted,
  • 3 footrest, head restraints, armrests, magazine holder, garbage bin, audio inputs,
  • Wagon windows are laminated / tempered double glass type,
  • Each hall has 2 tempered windows.
  • In order to provide maximum comfort during the journey, the sound insulation level of the high speed train was increased and the noise level from outside was reduced.
  • In the wagon where passengers are informed with digital indicators, train attendants are asked for help zamThere are also call buttons to be used instantly. You can ask the train attendants for help when you need them with the call buttons.

Communication System

  • Passenger Information System
  • Location and departure of the train zamSending audio / visual messages about the memory,
  • Announcement to passengers by the mechanic and / or personnel,
  • Communication between staff and passengers through internal telephones in areas for people with disabilities,
  • It is used to provide communication between the passenger and the personnel through the passenger emergency alarm in the passenger areas.

Control System

  • A total of 4 8-phase, 3kW, asynchronous traction motors driven by AC / AC, IGBT controlled 600 converters are used.
  • To detect and record faults in the system by controlling the train equipment (brake, draw frame and auxiliary equipment); In addition, there are SICAS control, monitoring and incident recorder system to calculate the current speed of the train and the road it takes.
  • Failure and data transfer from the train set to the center takes place via ballasts and / or GSM-R.

Safety System

  • If the engineer faints or dies suddenly tot-man device,
  • An ATS system (Automatic Train Stop System) which activates and stops the train if the machine does not comply with the signal notification,
  • The signaling system used to provide a safer train traffic is ERTMS Level 1 (European Railway Traffic Management System),
  • An ATMS system (Acceleration and Temperature Monitoring System) which stops the train in accordance with the limit overruns to be determined in the values ​​of the axle bearing temperatures or the bogie lateral accelerations which are measured continuously,
  • Pressure balancing system used to prevent the pressure occurring in case the 2 train set meets in the tunnel,
  • Closed circuit television system (CCTV) used to monitor the train from both inside and outside via the 20 camera attached to certain points of the train,
  • The system that prevents the wagons from climbing on top of each other in a collision,
  • A system that automatically locks the gates after the train moves,
  • An obstacle detection system to prevent trapping
  • Induction prevention system in wheels,
  • Emergency brake,
  • Equipped with fire detection system.

TCDD is a member of the International Railways Association (UIC) and complies with the technical specifications and standards it deems appropriate. Therefore, the latest technological systems used in Europe are also used in our country.

The most advanced of these systems, ERTMS (European Railway Train Operating System) and ETCS-level 1 (European Train Control System Level 1-compliant Signal System) are also applied in our high-speed train lines.

Thus, both safe and fast operation will be made possible. Since the signal system installed on the high-speed train lines is compatible with the ETCS-level 1 and ERTMS, it will be able to reach Europe by crossing the other countries with the same signal notifications without the need to change locomotives or transfer wagons at the border crossings.

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