New Renault Captur Introduced

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1562137747 R DAM 1041466

Renault Captur, the pioneer of the B SUV market, has reached 2013 million sales since its launch in 1,2 and quickly became a leader in its segment in both France and Europe. Renault Captur maintained its leading position in 2018 by realizing 230 thousand sales in the world.

Captur has been renewed by further strengthening its identity, which has brought success to its previous generation to success in the increasingly competitive market. The new Captur stands out with its athletic and dynamic new SUV lines. Thanks to the revolution in the interior of the model, which maintains its modularity, technology and quality are recognized at first sight when the vehicle is entered. The new Captur incorporates the features of the upper segment models.

The launch of the New Captur, one of the brand's key models, is being carried out as part of Renault Group's Drive the Future (2017-2022) strategic plan.

The new Captur, which will also be produced in China, a high-level strategic region for the Renault Group, is thus becoming a global product. The model will be launched under the Renault brand, including South Korea, under the same name in all markets.

New Captur, which stands out with its technology, meets all three basic elements of the mobility of the future:

  • Electric: The Renault Group will add an 2022 electric model to its product range by 12. The new Captur will be the first Renault model to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine, the E-TECH Plug-in, a technology developed by the Alliance.
  • Internet Connection: Until 2022, 100 will be the internet-connected vehicle, with% of the vehicles offered by the brand in key markets. The new Captur perfectly demonstrates this dynamic with its new Internet-connected multimedia system and the Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem.
  • Autonomous: The Renault Group will launch the 2022 model with autonomous driving technologies until 15. The new Captur will be one of the leading models in this sense. With the new Clio, the first step of autonomous driving, the driving assistance systems, will be offered as standard with models in the B segment.

The new Captur is at the heart of the group's strategy to strengthen synergy within the Alliance. This is especially achieved through the development of common technologies and the use of new platforms, such as the CMF-B platform, which underpin the New Captur model. The new electrical and electronic architecture of the model makes it possible to use the latest technological developments and meet the expectations of innovation in the market.

A stronger SUV identity with changing exterior design

More athletic and dynamic lines, the new Captur stands out with its reinforced SUV identity. Thanks to the transformation in the exterior design, the lines of the model became more modern, distinctive and impressive, while remaining faithful to the Tasarım French Design Renault of the Renault brand. The new Captur stands out with its 4,23 meter length (11 m or + 18 cm) and 2,63 inch wheels (which may vary depending on the version), with the 2 meter length longer than the XNUMX cm. The new design, the dimensions with millimeter precision, the front and rear Full LED C-shaped headlights and decorative chrome additions all stand out as components of quality improvement.

High quality indoor revolution

Starting with the new Clio, the interior design revolution continues with the new Captur, which provides a real leap forward in the categorical sense. The “Smart Cockpit imli, which is slightly inclined towards the driver, is being further developed and a new floating console is offered. Presented with the latest technologies and the largest screens of its category, the model stands out with its powerful ergonomics and a more comfortable driving experience.

The revolutionary features are not limited to the driving position. Offering a new dimension in quality and comfort throughout the cabin, Yeni Captur is reminiscent of top segment vehicles. Top quality materials, soft front panel, door panel, center console around the trim, meticulously processed details and new seat architecture with innovations in all areas attract attention.

New CAPTUR: Top level customization

Captur sales in the ratio of double-body-roof color vehicles close to 80'e percent, the model comes to the fore with personalization options. The new Captur further enhances this feature with new alternatives in both interior and exterior design.

The new Captur 90 exterior design customization option will allow customers to create a Captur that suits their style.


INITIALE PARIS signature renewed for new Captur

The INITIALE PARIS signature, which is available for many models of the Renault product range - Clio, Scénic, Talisman, Koleos and Espace - is also available for the new Captur model, in order to maximize Renault's elegant design experience.

Renewed efficient engine range

The new Captur skips class with its new petrol and diesel engines. In addition to the 5 and 6 manual gearboxes, the 7 dual-clutch automatic gearbox offers a higher power range: petrol engines 100 with 155 bg; diesel engines have power options between 95 and 115 hp. Engine options with the latest generation of technologies offer optimized emissions and low emission levels.

The new Captur will also add a plug-in hybrid engine called E-TECH Plug in to its engine portfolio from 2020. This product, a first for the Renault Group, is zamIt will be a unique option in the market now. Designed for a wide range of customers, the New Captur will lead the spread of plug-in hybrid technology.

The new Captur is at the heart of the synergy created by the Renault Group and its partners with the 1.0 TCe and 1.3 TCe engines as well as the E-TECH Plug-in engine developed by the Alliance.

Renault EASY DRIVE: The most comprehensive driving assistance system for the new Capturs

The new Captur, such as the New Clio, offers the driver a safe ride by spreading the use of the most complete and advanced driving assistance systems in its category.

The Highway and Congestion Assistant stands out as the most striking driving support system. Providing significant comfort and safe driving in heavy traffic and on the highway, the feature stands out as the first step on the road to autonomous vehicles. This feature will be available from the launch of the New Captur.

In addition to features such as a 360 ° camera, active emergency braking system with bicycle and pedestrian detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert is available for the first time in the Renault product range. zammaking it safer than the current one.

The new Captur offers ADAS (Driving Assist Systems) in three categories: driving, parking and safety. These features, which make up the Renault EASY DRIVE system, can be controlled easily via touch via the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system.

Renault EASY CONNECT: seamless communication with the new CAPTUR

Together with the new Captur, the Renault Group continues its strategy of providing continuous Internet connectivity and enhanced services with all its vehicles. With applications like MY Renault, RENAULT EASY CONNECT becomes a reality thanks to platforms such as the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and internet-connected services such as remote vehicle control. Designed to facilitate their mobility in and out of the vehicle, drivers and passengers can stay connected to their digital environment. This feature is made possible thanks to the 10.2 inch screen and 9.3 inch vertical multimedia tablet - the largest screens in the B SUV market.

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