Aslan Uzun, the new CEO of TEMSA

new ceo of the lion was long
new ceo of the lion was long

Aslan Uzun, the new CEO of TEMSA; Turkey's leaders, the world's leading bus manufacturer TEMSA Temsilcisiv CEO position from the Board of Directors appointed Leo Long.

Aslan Uzun graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering and started his career at Koç Group in 1988. Long, began in 17-year career at Koç grubu'ndaford Otosan, finally Ram Foreign ticaretbaşk Vice and TNT Logistics Business Development Director, served as the Ceva Logistics since yaptı.xnumx Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Mısırv President responsible for Central Asia Uzun served as the President of TorosTarım. Aslan Uzun, who has been General Manager of Enerya and President of STFA Energy Group since 2004, served as CEO and President of Construction Group in his last position before joining TEMSA.

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